Saline Drops vs Sinus Wash for 2 Yr Old

Updated on March 29, 2010
D.B. asks from Grand Prairie, TX
4 answers

What is the difference between using saline drops/ "saline stream" (for my 2 yr old) (Like "ocean brand") and using a "sinus wash" (like Sinucleanse). People have recommended both to me. Are they the same thing? he gets a lot of runny noses and congestion (doc says from allergies). And I want to try a natural approach for treating his symptoms. Thanks in advance!

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answers from Seattle on

what's in the sinus wash? look at the ingredients and compare. Saline drops are fine! Probably a bit cheaper. Try it and see if it works. What did the doctor recommend?



answers from Kansas City on

I asked the pharmacist and they said it was pretty much the same thing, but I'm not sure how much they really know about that stuff? I do believe it is cheaper though to do the rinse rather than buying the drops. You just use a lot more than just putting in a few drops, so it tends to go quickly. I have always used a sinus rinse from NeilMed, and they make a pediatric one that I just got for my 3 yr old son. I had to ask WalGreens to special order it, but I got it the next day, and it was only $13. It comes with the bottle, and packets of the mix you put in with the water. I think it's a great thing to do to prevent sickness, it's really helped me. Sorry to make this longer, but I saw a sinus rinse at Walgreens for kids, and it came with 3 solution kits or whatever, and was like $14. I'm not sure if it was Sinucleanse or not? But I didn't see any refills for it or anything, just wanted to say I wouldn't waste the money on that. Seems awfully expensive for something you only get 3 uses out of.



answers from Dallas on

I started my daughter on saline solutions when she was 2. We used a reward system to get cooperation. She received credit for doing "zoot zoot" just like napping or brushing teeth. I did not expect her to do thewash until age 4. I swear we are heading off sinus infections by doing it at least twice a D.. And, once they are trained this young to do saline they will do it through childhood.



answers from Denver on

Hi D. - Ocean normally just moisturizes the lower part of the nose. A sinus wash actually goes farther up into the sinuses. I know moms who are able to do sinus washes with their kids in the bathtub - my little guy didnt like it and wouldnt let me do it again. I've been using a product instead called SimplySaline - it's normal sterile saline that is under pressure so it sprays a gentle upward stream up into the nostril.

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