@ Sahms - What Do You Wear Each Day? (Wardrobe Piggyback) JFF

Updated on February 16, 2013
M.P. asks from De Pere, WI
21 answers

SAHMs - What does your daily wardrobe look like?

This is a piggyback off of someone else's question about being a SAHM and letting her wardrobe get frumpy. I feel the same way. Being a SAHM and not feeling the pressure to look nice has gotten me into a jeans/Tshirt/sweatshirt routine. I don't have the greatest confidence in my body - I gained 50 lbs while pregnant and have only lost about 20 of it. So, a lot of my clothes that I wore while I worked, don't fit. The extra weight is another reason for the ultra-frumpy wardrobe.

So, just wondering what other SAHMs wear on a daily basis. :-)

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answers from Chicago on

When I'm home, I only wear yoga pants or some type of work out pants and a tshirt or sweatshirt; I just want comfort at home.

When I go out, I really try to dress nice casual. I wear: jeans or jeggings or leggings with a long nice but casual sweater or top with a scarf and boots. I have a lot of long cardigans that I can wear different tanks underneath. If you are like me, I'm always cold so a scarf is a great accessory that will keep you warm.

Both of my SIL's are 'bigger'. They are the nicest, most put together dressers I have ever seen. Lane Bryant or Dress Barn have a great selection. Just get at least 1 pair of jeans that you really like and a few tops to interchange. Those stores really have a great sales team to help woman get back to looking good. Just do it.

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answers from Dallas on

When I go out, I typically wear jeans and a shirt. Not jeans and a frumpy t-shirt. Nice fitting quality jeans, and a cute, dressy shirt and cute shoes. I do wear casual skirts, as well. I almost always have my hair down, or in a cute braid or up-do. I do go out just about every day.

Home, is a different story. As soon as I walk back through the door, I change back into yoga pants a more comfy tee, and take the bra off. For me, home is comfort. I don't need to look put together at home.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I work PT, but the days I'm home, no sweat pants, yoga pants, slippers, frumpy sacks.
Every morning, I get dressed to the shoes. Gotta have shoes on to feel ready for the day. (Fly lady)
Not dressed "up" per se, just dressed in real clothes.
Jeans, khakis, tee or l/s jersey, cardigan or zip up, or a sweater with a rank under it. Earrings, watch, rings.
I just can't function in clothes that feel "bummy".
My advice? Get rid of what doesn't fit and don't wear oversized stuff thinking it looks better, because it doesn't! Get some things that fit you well now.

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answers from Seattle on

Well..........when I was not injured, normal people clothes. Jeans, T-shirts. I would attempt to be adorable.

I have been nursing a broken tail bone that is flipped the wrong direction though, for about 10 months now. Fabric against my butt too tight can cause it to hurt more, when trying to do things like sit.

So for now my daily outfit is either loose PJ bottoms, loose sweat pants or if I have an appt or somewhere to be.....I get dressed for whatever it is and then come home and change immediately.

I am sure I look frumpy as hell and I do have days where I miss my nerdy high water doo wop jeans and my James dean T-shirt(this is how I guess i will describe my younger mommy wardrobe).

I have also yo yo'd my weight over the last few years. When married I was six feet tall 115 lbs. After babies I stayed about 175. Then I got really sick with Anorexia and was back down to a scary 98 lbs(this was three years ago).....Last year when my back starting getting bad(turning into my tail bone)I had to take 3 rounds of heavy duty steroids. So back up to about 150 lbs where it has stayed.....needless to say I could not keep up with all the yo yo'ing....So sweat pants have become my go to.

I dont mind frumpy right now. I am saving myself for after surgery. Then I will go fashion crazy and get my closest in order.

I am also in the process of dreadlocking my hair. which means where I go a bandanna is sure to be wrapped around my head. The first few months are pretty hairy(pun totally intended:)).............So I would like to think of this as the months of the frump.

Fun question, I think about the fact I have turned into ''that'' person right now. There is no way around it for me, as I see it.

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answers from Youngstown on

I wear jeans and a t-shirt everyday.

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answers from Washington DC on

DD's preschool is 1/2 day so most of the kids are either dropped off/picked up by a SAH/WAH parent or a grandparent. I see mostly jeans and casual clothes. I may have already mentioned this, but I try to be comfortable and clean and not look like I just rolled out of bed. A little lip gloss is all I usually wear. I do like to paint my nails. I usually wear jeans or yoga pants but sometimes I'll throw on a skirt or business casual pants. I have weather boots (not fashion), sneakers, Bikers style Sketchers, and a couple of pairs of cute flats to throw on. It takes me no more time to slip on a decent pair of shoes as it would to wear flip flops (which I don't tend to wear anyway). I have long hair and if I don't have time to do anything, an octopus clip is my friend.

Now, if we don't have to go to school or see anybody....I admit I might stay in PJ pants most of the day. I work online only and nobody has to know I haven't showered yet....

If you want to improve your wardrobe, look for things that you like with a little color, maybe a little fancier than a regular t-shirt (some sweaters or something embellished or cut nicer) and trade out some of your more casual stuff with a few "nicer" items that are just as easy to grab and go with.

I'm never going to let Stacy and Clinton take my wardrobe, but they do have some good ideas. You might want to watch their show.



answers from Chicago on

Sweatpants and a sweatshirt in the winter, shorts and a tee shirt in the summer. I dress nicer if I'm going to the store. I'm all about comfort! My wardrobe isn't "frumpy" and I have nice things to wear when I want to look good. Most of the time I'm all about soft fabrics and pink slippers :)


answers from Burlington on

Most days I look down around 1 pm and realize I'm still wearing my pajamas.

(I'm not a SAHM but I do work from home -- thank god they don't require me to use video for twice weekly conference calls!)



answers from New York on

lounge pants and sweatshirts (tight lounge pants and fun colors sweatshirts), but i do get dolled up on weekends. i don't feel frumpy at all, but i need comfy clothes if i am going to bust my behind cleaning and cooking.



answers from New York on

jeans or black stretchy pants and either a sweatshirt or a tshirt
-im in the same boat as u.. gained almost 50 while pregnant, lost the first half easily.. the second, not so much - all of my stretchy fitted tshirt fit me fine but i feel like i look to fat to wear them so i stick to the bigger ones, or the ones that my fiance used to wear but they shrunk/dont fit anymore



answers from Seattle on

When I'm not working I'm in yoga pants or jeans, tank top, hoodie, and uggs! Or nicer tennis shoes or flip flops depending on the weather. Sometimes cute tops and boots or flats with the jeans too. I always have some if not all makeup on, and my hair neat always. I feel awake and better if I look better!


answers from Miami on

Mostly work out clothes....



answers from Madison on

I'm a SAHM, WAHM. Even though I have no clients coming to the house (my work is done on the computer/e-mail/Internet), I feel more like I'm working when I'm in my office if I dress each day. I don't work in my pjs nor do I wear workout clothes, sweats or frumpy clothes.

My clothes of choice are nice jeans, T-shirt, and a sweatshirt or a semi-dressy sweater. I often also run errands during the day, so I want to make sure that I'm ready and able to leave the house whenever I want (and I don't have to run back into the bedroom to get ready).

I don't wear dress pants/slacks or dresses, no, but I also make sure I look presentable. I feel better about myself if I look nice--even if I only look nice for me, the dog, and the cat during the day. My daughter and my husband see me when they get home; I want them to know that I care about how I look. And I want to look good for them.

Not having to wear makeup or having to have expensive hairdos/haircuts is a plus!

ETA: Another reason why I wear jeans or pants with a waist (zipper and button) is so that I can watch/regulate/see what/if my body is changing. It's a great barometer to let me know if I'm eating too much or not exercising enough (esp since I stay at home/work during the day and don't have to dress up). For a while, I did used to wear pull-on pants or waists that tied. Then when I'd try to wear a pair of jeans--I'd discover that I gained weight. So now I rarely wear pants that tie, just because I want to make sure I can still fit into regular jeans (and ensure that I still wear the same size!).


answers from Chicago on

If I'm going somewhere during the day, usually jeans and some kind of patterned tunic. I love color and embelishments (not bedazzled stuff, but interesting adornments). I finally did admit that I wasn't the size I was before I had kids and invested in some plus-sized clothes that actually fit the body I have today, and are not just the t-shirts I bought to wear to the gym.

I do get a lot of my clothes at Lane Bryant, but you're probably not in need of a Plus Size store if you're only up about 30 lbs.



answers from Syracuse on

I love wearing jeans and casual but nice looking t-shirts (short/long) or sweaters. To dress it up, I'll wear boots over the jeans but casual ones not super dressy. Sometimes a scarf although I can't stand them, my son just wants to tug on it. I bought myself a nicer winter jacket to wear rather than my regular winter parka one, just because often times I never even take off my coat when leaving the house!


answers from Santa Fe on

It depends if it is a workout day or not. I usually wear jeans or pants with a long sleeve shirt and sweater. If it is a work out day I wear yoga pants and a workout shirt under a fleece top. I hate doing errands around town in work out clothes though, so I sometimes change into a pair of jeans after I'm done at the YMCA.



answers from Detroit on

I wear alot local sport teams/local collegiate clothing. I'm a huge Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers, Detroit Lions, University of Michigan and Michigan State fan. I own all kinds of sweats, t-shirts, hats, socks, underwear--that's pretty much my whole wardrobe. Many moms in my area also dress like this....maybe it's a Michigan thing.



answers from Kansas City on

I'm not a SAHM, but when I get to be home, I only wear jeans and t-shirts unless it's a special occasion. Even then, I try to get away with t-shirts. I have a ton of fandom-related t-shirts I rarely get to wear. :( Stupid business casual work environment!


answers from Grand Forks on

I work at the Y, so I wear yoga pants and a t-shirt to work. When I get home I change into something less comfortable! In the winter I usually wear jeans (skinny jeans or boot cut) and a blouse, sweater or long sleeve a t-shirt, a sweater dress with tights or a mini-skirt with tights, and sometimes I keep the yoga pants and just put on a nicer top. I have a wool dress coat, but wear my long North Face Metropolis parka most of the time, because I like to be warm. I love boots, and have many pairs of fashion boots. (If I am spending lots of time outside I wear my Sorels.) In spring and fall I like to wear a nice jacket/blazer that I can wear indoors and out, and I like ballet flats. I also have an awesome Lululemon rain coat and some really cool rubber boots for wet weather. In the summer I do capri's or shorts and t-shirts, and also lots and lots of sundresses, with sandals or flip flops. I love sundresses because it is so easy to get dressed up! As a SAHM I never spent any time at home, so I always dressed to go out. ETA: I LOVE scarves! A nice scarf can dress up jeans and a t-shirt!


answers from Minneapolis on

Honestly? If I'm not going anywhere that day... I stay in my PJs. Kiddo runs around in PJs or just a diaper unless we leave the house.



answers from Seattle on

Yoga pants Zella is my favorite brand. Hoodies love Luluemon brand and Zella. I am a casual person at heart. I have a hard time finding jeans and I am more comfortable in yoga pants :)

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