SAHM And Nail Color - Gel Kit or High Quality Nail Polish.

Updated on January 29, 2014
D.D. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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I'm a SAHM and I don't even bother painting my nails anymore because no sooner do I paint them, they are chipped. Salon visits aren't in my budget. So I have two options that I haven't tried:

one is Butter LONDON nail polish. I've heard amazing things about it. For 3 polishes, about $40.00.
two is buying a Gel polish nail kit and the curing device. It's about $100.00 dollar investment for everything.


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So What Happened?

Mostly all good responses. Well, I'm still considering the 'pricier' options, but before I do, I will do more research. Anyway, I made myself a promise that I wouldn't buy any more cosmetics until I've used all my others up or tossed them out. So I still have a box of some other nail polishes that I will try to paint my toes with soon. It's odd, but just having nicely manicured fingers and toes, (a luxury that I really don't have) makes me feel more attractive. If I ever try any of the suggestions or whatever, I will post my results. I'm pretty hard on my nails with chores, yardwork, etc., so looking for something that lasts more than a few days!

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answers from Phoenix on

Jamberry nails wraps. You apply them with a blow dryer, they don't chip and last 2 weeks on fingers, 6 on toes. There are over 200+ colors and designs to choose from. Buy 3 sheets and get one free! The cost per full set ends up being about $3-4. They are also non toxic so my 17 yo special needs daughter can wear them without problems. LOVE THEM!!!!

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answers from New York on

Two things I don't do. Iron or do my own nails. In both cases I prove penny wise pound foolish because I put in a good amount of time and effort and end up with scorched shirts or smudged nails. Around here you can get a manicure for $7-10 and a combo mani pedi for as low as $16 if you go on the salons slow days, mon- weds.

Good luck with your decision
F. B.

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answers from Norfolk on

I've heard many complaints about gel - especially about removal.
I'd stay away from gel.

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answers from Sacramento on

Have you heard of Jamberry Nails? Great option to look into.

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answers from Washington DC on

I plan on trying Jamberry nails soon.

Staying at home or not really has nothing to do with it though, nail polish chips all the time. Mine only stays on for a long time if I go to the salon and get gel or shilac. Regular polish from there chips in 2-3 days. I tend to always have clear on, and color OCCASSIONALLY. I will go for the shilac or gel if we are going on vacation or a business trip.



answers from Chicago on

Gel polish at a salon lasts a long permanent until your nail grows out! I liked that, but it kind of ruined my real nail when I tried to take it off. Hm... Don't think I'll do it again.



answers from San Francisco on

Strange that you would vascilate for 4 days about taking your son to the doctor, but are considering spending anywhere from $40 - $100 on nail polish. I think a re-examination of your priorities might be in order!


answers from Columbia on

Jamberry. All day every day. It's affordable, durable, and there's NO dry time. For $15 you can do your nails 3-4 times!


answers from Grand Forks on

As a SAHM I seldom have need for having my fingernails painted. I do always have my toenails painted (I normally do this myself with Opi). If there is an occasion that I would like to have my fingernails painted for then I just splurge for a cheap ($40) mani/pedi at a salon. I enjoy the pampering and go to a place with massage chairs. Of course, I only need my nails painted once in a blue moon...



answers from Honolulu on

I don't paint my fingernails nor get them painted.
Because, I am a Mom/woman that just does too many things with my hands daily and I can't be bothered wondering if my nail polish will chip or not.
But I do paint my toe nails. My daughter does it for me and it is just as good, or better, than a salon toe-nail paint job. I get so many compliments on it. She even does designs on my "big" toe. By hand.
IF I do do my fingernails, it is clear coat at best.

Just use regular good nail polish.
And put on about 2 coats of clear coat, and touch it up with clear nail polish after a few days to protect it more.



answers from Los Angeles on

Butter LONDON is OK. Nothing that special.

Chrome Girl nail polish is a 4 free nail polish (does not include 4 bad chemicals). Butter is 3 free.

I do my nails at home as well (salon not worth all that money - it still chips!) and nails chip. (Pedicure alone where I live is like $24.)

I want to try Jamberry Nails. Sally Hansen has a similar brand as well: Salon Effects



answers from St. Louis on

I had fake nails on for 13 years. I wanted to take them off because I just didn't have time to go in and have them filled every two weeks but, I can not stand not having polish on my nails. When I paint my natural nails, by the end of day one they were chipped and that made my nails snag on everything. Drove me crazy. My neighbor is a hairstylist and every once in a while I will go to the beauty supply store with her where she purchases all of her supplies. On one of those trips I was talking to one of the ladies there about my nail polish woes. She pointed out a polish called Vinylux. I can't rave enough about this polish!!!!!!!!!!!! You put two coats on and then follow up with a top coat. After that, once a week you apply the top coat. This stuff is AMAZING. I type all day long and my nails never chip. LOVE IT! You can purchase it at places like Beauty Brands (if there is one in your area). They have a website that can point you to where you can find it as well. The colors are beautiful and it is about the same price as OPI.

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