Safety Concern When Starting to Walk

Updated on October 30, 2006
S. asks from Franklin, TN
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My 11 month old son has started taking his first steps. He's still a bit wobbly but can walk about 6 steps on his own; When he loses his balance (and my husband and I aren't fast enough to catch him) he has a tendency to fall straight back on the carpet, stiff as a board, instead of falling on his bottom. I'm concerned that this is going to injure his head. Is this just a normal way for them to fall? Are bumps and scratches something we have to go through during this time? Also, my son doesn't know how to get himself from a sitting position to a walking position - he only walks if we stand him up.

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answers from Memphis on

My daughter would fall straight back when she first started walking and the pediatrician said that as babies their skulls are protected so dont worry as long as its on the carpet. she is fine and she fell alot at first. I used to put pillows all over, but of course she never landed on one. It hurts us more than it hurts them. Just make sure shes on carpet!!

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answers from Nashville on

My son also started walking at 11 months. He started by pulling up on the couch and holding on to the ind table and then down the walls and slowly he just started walking on his on. Does your son try to pull up on any thing, this might help him get from the sitting position to standing. Yes, the bumps and bruises are coming. My son has so many bruises on his legs from where he falls, he is now 14 months old and still gets off balance every now and then. Hope this might help.



answers from Jackson on

My first daughter was a lunatic when she was learning to walk. You wouldn't believe the bumps and bruises she had. My mother kept telling me to put ice on everything; but she'd have been immersed! Anyway, I asked the Dr when did I need to worry about her hitting her head and he said "if she loses consciousness" !!!!! I have to tell you I really respect my Dr but this surprised me. But if you think about it you can't chase them everytime they run and they do need to learn cause and effect. He will learn to fall on his bottom in no time, really. My daughters big problem was putting on the breaks. But if you can clear everything out, which I bet you already have, that is about the best you can do.

I am going through this again with my second daughter. She was a super early walker, completely from squatting she could do it on her own at 11 months. She is now almost 13 months but you should see the knot she has on her head. It makes my stomach hurt. I had to take her to the Dr with it like that for her 1 year shots and the Drs and nurses just go "ah, learning to walk can hurt huh?" No one even asked me the source of her bump, that surprised me I was all ready with an explanation! None needed.

Anyway, I think you are doing great. Just do what you can but he needs to get a few bumps so he can figure this out.

Take care.



answers from Chattanooga on

I completely agree w/ the other moms. I have a 3 1/2 year old girl, who still falls. And my 10 month old son, starting walking at 9 months. He always falls! We've become used to bumps on the head, and bruises everywhere. I did take my son to the E.R. for a bump on his head & the doctor said no big deal. He assured me that a baby's head isn't as fragile as we might think. If your baby starts vomiting, or passes out, then call 911.
Your son will eventually learn to fall on his butt, but it won't always happen. Soon your son will be taking off all by himself. The really fun part is just beginning, and you'll know when it's serious. Have fun watching him & don't forget to take lots of pictures =)
Good Luck!



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I have a 10month old and she started walking at 9 months ,she fell alot and my ped. also said its ok. She can really get around now and has fallen on hard floors but she has learned to catch herself so Im sure he will too. She has one of those toys you walk behind and thats what helped her learn how to balance and it gave her something to hold on to until she really got the hang of it. Show him how to crawl to something and pull up. Some kids try to walk on their toes so make sure you put shoes on him to help keep his feet flat if he does walk like that. He will learn in time with alittle bump here and there. Good Luck



answers from Nashville on

Think about when you learned how to ride a bike or skate. You had to learn a new way to balance yourself. Bumps and scratches are part of it. try putting area rugs with padding underneath them to soften the blow.


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