Safe Treatments for Killing Lice in Couches, Cars, & Bedding?

Updated on April 16, 2009
S.W. asks from Georgetown, KY
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Recently I discovered that my youngest (a kindergartner) had lice. I have treated her and the rest of our family with Lice MD and have been sleeping with mayo and shower caps on our hair. I have also gotten Tea Tree oil and have been spraying it on our hair. Wew - do we smell! I have been vacuuming, washing, bagging etc. It is so exhausting!

I have put plastic zipper cases on our mattresses and pillows. I have also informed the school and our friends and family that we have been around.

This is my first experience with these pesky critters - and I want it to be our last.

I do not like using a lot of chemicals - I have been advised to get the over the counter lice spray to spray on our couch, chairs, and upholstered car seats. How safe are these sprays? Is there something natural that is safer that will also work?

Thanks for any and all suggestions and advice.

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answers from Memphis on

To answer your question about a safe spray - has Sol U Mel - Melaleluca oil in a water soluble form - does not hurt anything and lice hate it.

The oil is often referred to as Tea Tree Oil - but the true pharmaceutical grade is not always what you find on the store shelf.

And most Tea Tree Oil shampoos don't have very much of the oil in them. Melaleuca has Melaleuca Original Shampoo with lots of the oil in it - we used that for treatment and prevention when we thought we had been near lice.

Spraying the head with the Sol U Mel or massaging the scalp with the oil and wrapping it in a hot wet towel for 10 minutes causes the eggs to burst. Repeating that ever other day for a total of five treatments would be really good. Then spraying anything in the house with the Sol U Mel was our method.

J. B.

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answers from Charlotte on

Have you tried having them steam cleaned with extremely hot water? In the past I used the spray. Also I had the issue where no matter what i tried they kept coming back. I was getting a call almost weekly from the school to come get my daughter. Then our pastors wife gave me an article and i wish i had it but it talked about how lice is attracted to clean hair. So after taking care of it i started to let the kids wash only every other day or every two days and we never had a problem again.
I did locate this article for you which offers an alternative treatment.
Hope this helps.

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answers from Lexington on

I agree with leaving the house for 3 days, if at all possible. My daughter has contracted lice at school several times now. Apparently, she has the type of hair they REALLY like. I found some information online that suggested that Denorex helps keep them at bay. So, we have been using it on Sunday nights before returning to school on Monday. We haven't had them since then...fingers crossed!

Good luck!


answers from Memphis on

I have used diluted 50/50 Tea Tree Oil & water in a spray bottle, sprayed on dry hair till wet & it kills them all. You do have to pick them out but it kills eggs & adults. I've sprayed it on the pillows, sheets, clothes everything and never had to buy poisons again. I love the smell of tea tree oil & you can even buy shampoo's with it in there. But I keep a bottle handy for all kinds of things, bug bites, ant bites, minor burns and wound healing.



answers from Nashville on

My Dr told me to use Lysol diinfectant spray on the beds and funiture and toys and cars. He told me that I should spray the stuff 2 a day for 2 weeks.



answers from Nashville on

"MAYO and APPLE VINEGAR: all you have to do is smoother mayo in you're hair then let it set for 2 hours wash with no conditioner or shampoo the put apple viniger in it and set for 30 minutes rince and it cures"

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