Safe to Buy Used Medela Pump in Style?

Updated on April 24, 2008
M.M. asks from Columbia, MO
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Hi, I'd like to get rid of my Avent IQ duo double electric breast pump, and buy a used Medela Pump in Style Advanced on Ebay. I've read somewhere, though, that the Medelas pump milk through the machine, so you can't buy used ones because they aren't "clean." Is this true? If not, are there any parts I should replace if I buy a used one? And, do people like this pump?

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answers from Peoria on

Some pumps are not closed systems and therefore milk/bacteria can get into the maching. I think the Pump in Style is a safe one though not sure. Another thing to consider when buying a used pump is the age and use of the motor. If you are planning to use the pump to maintain a milk supply while away from baby you want to have a good small pumps. Most pumps start to lose power when they are used on a daily basis. So it's good to know the history of a used pump.



answers from Chicago on


The fda has said this is a single user pump... so if you buy a used pump and there are problems you have no recourse.

The poster who mentioned life span is also correct.. these pumps are not made for long term life.

because it is an open system there is debris inside the pump.

there are cases of contamination from pumps.

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answers from Chicago on

Other posters have been correct that technically it should not be done because it is an open pumping system. That being said, you can find some deals on ebay sometimes for ones that have barely been used....I bought one that was a demo model and I used it to pump for my first son for 14 months, and now using it for my second and it is still in great condition. It is the best pump to buy if you are going to be away from baby for the entire day.

And, yes, you would buy all new parts....I did this even for my second child and the new parts are available all over the web...someone said you cannot buy them, but you can. You would want new bottles/caps, flanges, tubing, valve and membranes. There are some specialty stores that sell them too...



answers from Chicago on

Even though the milk doesn't actually pump through the machine, a Medela Pump in Style is an "open system" in that milk can come in contact with the mechanism that pumps the air, so even if you can't see it, every time the machine pumps, milk particles from the owner's milk can be blown into your milk. So needless to say, it is not safe to use a used breast pump that is not a rental pump. Also, if you try and buy new tubing and other equipment, Medela won't sell it to you since it is not safe to use for multiple users. Also, you may find that the pump may reach the end of it's useful life while you have it and break down and then you're forced to spend the money anyway on a new pump. So I would recommend just spending the money on a new pump.



answers from Chicago on

I would buy a used one. I doubt that there would be any contamination anyway, particularly if you replaced the tubing, etc. I also think if you are buying one used from someone even if it was contaminated, if you are using it a week or month or longer from when they last used it there would really be no issue with bacteria still being alive.

That, said, the official advice is to buy a new one. I have also heard many people say they prefer the Ameda Purely Yours over the Medela after trying both, so look into that one as well.


answers from Chicago on

I have heard the same from people and manufacturer and hospitals... the way the pump is manufacturered it is not sanitary to share (unlike hospital pumps that are engineered differently). Obviously, you would need to get new tubing/etc either way. Guess you would just need to decide.



answers from Chicago on


I loved that pump (2 kids later). I also loaned mine in between pregnancies to a friend. All you have to do is get new tubing, bottles, nipple guards. It was fine. The milk never goes through the machine, just air.

I recommend the back pack one.

Hope this helps,
T. in O.P.

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