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Updated on June 01, 2009
E.F. asks from Oswego, IL
6 answers

Does anyone have a suggestion on where to buy a less expensive organic twin mattress? Or do you have any advice on a more affordable alternative? Thank You!

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answers from Chicago on

I don't know what price range you are looking for, but we got ours for about $300 at Bellini. We felt like that was a good price.

Good luck in your search!


answers from Chicago on

I'm thinking of getting a latex topper from here:

I swear I found a good alternative somewhere and heard about it on a board on They've moved the boards around, but maybe search the product review threads. Or post there as well.



answers from Rockford on

In my long search for a non-toxic mattress for my son I ran across a great website with very reasonable prices, a great attitude & fabulous customer service. It’s They have the best prices I have found on bedding & pillows. You just missed a great sale they have every year for earth day, the entire month of April all their mattresses & bedding is 20% off.
Another option is to build your own as I did. For $449 I bought a twin 6”natural Dunlop latex solid core at I topped it with a 2”soft latex topper at
Then I zipped them both up in a 8” organic cotton zippered futon cover from
I chose this way to go instead of buying a mattress so I can open it up for cleaning or airing if need be or if I want to change the latex topper to a firm one some day I can. I read a suggestion that a mattress could be made for a child by stacking two 3” latex toppers (1 firm/1 soft) & covering them with a sheet. Latex toppers don’t slide. So I kind of took the idea from there because I wanted a mattress my son could continue to use as he grew. I also made him a daybed out of untreated pine so if & when he outgrows the bed I can still use it as a couch of sorts. I did run across a website that has some great prices on eco friendly & unfinished beds- I haven’t purchased from them but they have the best prices I have found short of making your own. Hope this helps. Have a great day-C. B



answers from Chicago on

Quality Sleep Shop in LaGrange

1519 W 55th St
La Grange Highlands, IL 60525

Ask to speak to the owner, Tim. He'll be happy to help you!



answers from Chicago on

I did a TON of research on mattresses for my baby's crib. First, all mattress, organic or not, that are purchased in the USA have flame retardants added to them. This makes this so called toxic. They use both Boric Acid and Arsenic for the flame retardant. Organic mattress claim that they use wool as the "natural" flame retardant, however, there are chemicals added to the wool to make it not burn. The only way that you can get a really safe, completely toxin-free mattress is by ordering one with a doctor's prescription. There is a great website with a ton of information You can also order a crib mattress from this site. There is another site, where you can order any size of mattress, including twin. SIDS is linked to the chemicals found in these mattresses. For children past the risk of SIDS, allergies have been linked to mattresses with these chemicals added.

I ordered a mattress through this site, in which you get a free doctor prescription. The actual mattress gets shipped from the manufactuer, I did research on this company as well and all are legit and have been featured on Dateline type shows..

If you can't afford this type of mattress, another option would be to purchase a waterproof, organic, toxin free mattress pad from Naturpedic. This should help protect your child from the mattress.

I am a big organic supporter, and have to say I spend weeks researching this. If you have any specific questions, let me know, happy to help!

About Me: First time mom to a three week old.


answers from Chicago on

I've heard IKEA uses a much less toxic flame retardant on their mattresses while still meeting US regulations for having a flame retardant. Sorry I don't know more. Haven't had time/$ to go buy one myself to replace the twin mattresses I have.

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