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Updated on February 24, 2011
M.B. asks from Arcadia, CA
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I am shopping online for Cribs and they are so many companies that offer cribs. What is a good brand that is well made (I am planning on having more kids in the future so I will like to re-use it). I am willing to spend anything below $700 for a very good crib. My other requirement is that is needs to be low toxic too. I saw some from Pali, Ragazzi, and Young America. Can anyone recommend a good crib that can hold up to a couple of years for use with 2-3 kids? I am also not too tall so I am not sure about what to get: the no drop drop sides, the single, or double drop sides. I read somewhere that If you are not too tall is better to get a sliding one so that I don't need to bend over too much. Also, I heard that the safest cribs are the no drop sides, is this true?


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So What Happened?

My husband is taking an advise from one of you Mamas about cribs that might be too old, and not compliant to the latest safety codes. We are going to purchase a new crib.
Thanks for your inputs!

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Hi I bought and I love it, I have used it on both my kids.

Good Luck!!

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First, congratulations! We bought a Pali without drop sides for our son, who is now 22 months old and still sleeping in the crib. I am short too and have no problem reaching in and out of the crib. It has been a very sturdy and reliable's beautiful and very well-crafted. We're getting ready to buy the conversion kits that will change the crib into a toddler bed, and then eventually into a full-size bed. I like the fact that it is able to grow with our son and should be able to last him through his high school years. We chose very simple styling so that it won't be too childish for him as he grows older. We bought our at USA Baby. Best wishes!



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The best baby cribs to buy when you plan on having more children are they convertible cribs. They expand into different bedding styles. Some are 4 beds in 1 , which are great! They are cost effective because you get so much more for your money. Make sure the baby crib has the JPMA safety seal, very important. There are many styles on convertibles with the JPMA seal at Good luck with your search!



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There is much in the way of style in your price range. I suggest you look for the JPMA seal of approval for safety. JPMA cribs have undergone review and testing to establish functional safety and compliance with all laws related to children's products. Check them out at




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I would highly recommend that you purchase a crib that does NOT have drop sides. My daughter is 14 months and before she was born, all I heard from NPR, consumer reports, articles, etc. was the recalls and dangers of owning this type of crib. Even today, there are so many recalls that I think it would be wise and safest for your child to exclude them from your potential purchase list.|

We did not purchase a drop side crib and I would say it is still very easy to manuever Tayla in and out of the crib. We purchased the Babi Italia Pinehurst Lifetime Convertible Crib and love it for what it is.

Best of luck!



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I bought my crib from Bellini and I love it! My son is almost 2.5 and the crib is still in excellent condition. I can and will definitely use it for future children.

The crib we chose does have a drop side because I thought it would be easiest to reach the baby that way. Bellini makes their crib with internal sliding mechanisms so there is no way for the baby to move it himself and catch his fingers. Furthermore, it requires a two step (though one handed) method to lower the side (push with leg, left with hand), so it could absolutely never be done from the inside of the crib.

Congrats on your baby!!

K. - check out this great site for moms!



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I have a crib I am selling. It is one of the nicest cribs. It is made by Belini. It's an Italian company. I was also concerned about safety when buying my crib. We ended up not really using it. Our kids slept in our bed. I have the crib and the changing table. We paid about $1600 for everything. I will sell both of them together for $500. I even have custom bedding to go with it. It's a sleigh crib all natural wood and a matching changing table with three drawers and shelves. It's beautiful.
Email me if you are interested.
[email protected]



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Look at Sorelle too. I am very short and got the no drop sides. It was a hair difficult (changing the sheets mostly) but I would much rather have this kind than the wobbly other kind. This thing was solid and I could get in it and it wouldn't move. We kept her in it for four years (with the toddler rail) and it still looks brand new. I think the best place to go look and figure it out is Bergstrom's in Irvine. A small drive, but well worth it. We ended up driving up there a ton and getting everything up there, even stroller and car seat.



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We love our daughter's Morgieau Lepine crib. Sadly the company went out of business. You might find something on ebay or craigslist though. Their furniture is beautiful and very, very well made. Pricy, but well worth it.

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