Safe Caffeine Free Iced Tea for 5 Year Old?

Updated on March 20, 2013
C.M. asks from Chicago, IL
23 answers

Are there any caffeine free safe/healthy iced teas I could buy/make for my daughter. My daughter loves iced tea (she had a taste of lipton brisk which i dont feel is healthy for a growing child so she doesn't get to have it) but they're so sugary and don't want to give her caffeine. Trying to find a healthy alternative. I tried unsweetened tea and she obviously was not digging it! Haha

Any good tasting caffeine free healthy alternatives?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Just use any decaf bags in an iced tea maker.
Sweeten with plain old sugar.
Chances are any decaf in a bottle or can is going to have artificial sweeteners.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Have you tried any of the Celestial Seasonings herbal teas? My guy loves those and I sweeten with a touch of honey. We've tried several, he likes the fruity flavors. I drink them hot before bed.

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answers from Honolulu on

Just get fruit teas. In tea bag form and make your own.
There is no caffeine in these.
My daughter loves tea.
I give her the fruit ones.
Not all teas have caffeine.
We just drink tea as is. No sugar in it.
Here, many people just drink tea. Not sweetened.
Tea does not have to have sugar in it.
Many cultures do not add anything to tea. It is just tea.

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answers from Washington DC on

Celestial Seasoning makes all kinds of caffeine free ice teas. My son, 6, loves them. I do sweeten with sugar but you can adjust the sugar levels, try honey...a little goes a long way. Some people use lemon, other fruit juices and purees work well and then it only naturally occurring sugars.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

We drink Luzianne Caffeine Free iced tea. There's nothing wrong with tea. I make a Rubbermaid plastic gallon jug and use 1/2-2/3 cup sugar.

I put the sugar in and use hot tap water to melt the sugar. Then when the tea is steeped I pour the tea into the hot sugar water. Then I fill the rest of the gallon with ice. It's perfect every time.

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answers from New London on

I never allowed my kids to have tea/iced tea until they were older. I never gave them a choice. I told them that they were beverages for older kids and adults. I didn't have my first cup of coffee until I was thirty-something. That's why I never thought twice about letting my kids have caffeine or caffeine free tea unless they were sick. Maybe twice a yr, they would have a cup of hot green tea.

Years ago, I bought a juicer. We used to juice watermelon and so many other fruits. Our other favorite: Making smoothies w/ the blender!

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answers from Norfolk on

Teavana has some wonderful teas.

Go there and do a search on 'caffeine free' and you'll find 23 teas.

My favorites are

Wild Orange Blossom Herbal Tea
Strawberry Lemonade Herbal Tea
Tranquil Dream Herbal Tea (has chamomile in it)
Peach Tranquility Herbal Tea (has chamomile in it)
Pineapple Kona Pop Herbal Tea

I haven't tried all their caffeine free choices yet but I tend to like fruity tea flavors.
These are great hot or cold.
I don't sweeten my tea at all.
I just add a little lemon juice and that's perfect for me.

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answers from Dallas on

I use luzianne decaf tea to make a gallon of tea every week. My kids had it since the were younger than 5 and they are grown and fine. If you make your own, you decide the amt of sugar. Try 1/4 cup to a gallon at first and go from there. Consider it a treat.

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answers from Albuquerque on

Oh yes - you can make iced tea with pretty much any decaf tea. I make all sorts for our family. My five year old girls are particularly fond of peach (Celestial Seasonings Country Peach Passion), and honey chamomile (Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla Chamomile). Both are naturally sweet so we don't put any sugar in. Sometimes I do make iced tea with regular old decaf black tea and I put stevia to sweeten it.

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answers from Dallas on

We drink decaf ice tea with a small amount of real sugar or honey. I think that is better than most "fruit juices" whose 1st ingredient is oil. I also like the fruit teas and especially the vanilla roobois tea which i drank night and day while pregnant. It is caffeine free and very soothing. Although most people drink it hot, I would ask SBUX to brew it and then dump it over a venti cup of ice. YUM!

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answers from Seattle on

I buy the assorted box of "zinger" teas. I make 2 quarts at a time with a mix of flavors I use 2 or 3 bags. It turns all of those beautiful colors and it tastes really fruity. Then I just chill it. That is what my on has had to drink all summer long since he was 2. You could always add a bit of sugar or honey and it would still be a healthier alternative. :)

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answers from Grand Forks on

My kids just had it with the caffeine. Since they only got it once in a while as a treat and only one glass at a time the little bit of caffeine wasn't going to harm them.

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answers from Rochester on

My toddler loves MiO Sweet Tea flavor. It is caffeine, calorie, fat, sodium, carb, and sugar free...however, it is sweetened with sucralose (Splenda) and acesulfame potassium, which are both artificial sweeteners. Everyone has an opinion on that subject, but I'll share that while I am terrified of many food additives, I am okay with these two. Tons of studies have been done to prove that they are NOT fact, tested in rats, they were given the equivalent of what would be something like 1300 cans of soda a day sweetened with the Ace K, and showed no real side effects. I don't think they are any BETTER for you than sugar, but I don't necessarily think these two are any worse than sugar, either. (Stevia and the pink one...aspartame? Those are the ones I'm a bit more leery of.)

Anyhow, it tastes delicious. You can mix it to taste with water, and it tastes very close to a good, Southern sweet tea.

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answers from Seattle on

I make our own all the time. I use different herbal teas. Peppermint is good, fennel or a mix of dried rosehips and hibiscus flower (I buy those in bulk).
I brew it and sweeten it with honey or apple juice.

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answers from Columbia on

Luzianne makes decaffinated iced tea bags. Make it the same way as you would regular tea. Add your choice of sweetener.

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answers from Portland on

Use herbal teas and stevia as a sweetner. They do have bottled herbal teas now. Stevia is made from a herb, the stevia plant. It is a natural sweetner just as sugar is but it has no calories.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Good Earth , Original Spice.. (w/o caffeine) does she like cinnamon? the tea is very good when Iced.. My son likes it a lot.. and it's a sweet w/o the sugar/additives..


answers from Jacksonville on

Steep green tea for her at home, and add the amount of sugar you want, or use honey to sweeten it. You control how much.

If you don't put too much sugar, then she probably won't even like it, but you never know. My son started liking to sip hot tea around that age, when he didn't feel well. My husband drinks hot tea almost daily. And my SIL's little son who just turned 4 has been sipping "hot" tea (warm) for a very long time, now.

I would not give her ANY of the pre-made bottled drinks out there. Almost all of them are full of "other" stuff... why do that? Just buy a box of tea bags and steep it yourself. Side bonus: it's a lot cheaper that way.



answers from Boston on

Black tea has about the same amount of caffiene per cup (25 mg) as "decaf" coffee. Coffee generally has 100-200 mg per cup. So...I wouldn't worry about caffienated vs. uncaffeinated tea. I like the Lipton cold brew iced tea bags, which I can only find in regular (not decaf) so more often than not, we use those because it's easy and fast. We make it by the pitcher and sweeten with stevia.

True Lemon also has a great line of iced tea and lemonade drinks that you can make by the pitcher. They are all natural and contain stevia and a hint of sugar.


answers from Milwaukee on

We drink this tea. The kids don't drink huge amounts because I don't know much about the effects of Ginsing on kids but they do enjoy the flavor. I just buy it at our grocery store.



answers from Chicago on

My Little guys likes Green Tea.. it is decaf. you can sweeten with Honey.



answers from Chicago on

try a decaf black tea such as earl gray



answers from Rochester on

Have you tried making your own ice tea or sun tea? I make mine sometimes with black tea sometimes with green. The best part it, it is just tea and whatever else you choose to put in it. I actually make 1/2 tea 1/2 lemonade and lots of water. The kids love it and it isnt' loaded with caffeine or sugar.

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