RX Pain Med Use in Pregnancy

Updated on December 15, 2006
J.O. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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Because of a chronic health issue, I have to take narcotic pain meds on a daily basis. I am currently 31 weeks pregnant, and have been under special care with my OB since before I got pregnant (we wanted to make sure there was no serious risks involved). My question is, are there any other mom's that have had to use prescription pain meds during pregnancy? Does anyone know what I can expect. We have met with a neonatologist, and he has been wonderful, but I'd just like to hear from other mamas.

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So What Happened?

My beautiful baby boy was born 1/24/06. He was 3 weeks earls and only weighed 5 lbs, 13 oz... now he's well over 10 pounds. He had NO complications from the meds, and is doing WONDERFULLY!! Thank you so much for everyone's help!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I was on narcotics starting at about 17 weeks pregnant. By the eigth month, I was on them daily. I took Tylenol 3, vicodin at home and morphine (when in hospital). I also had about five surgical procedures and some really bad kidney infections that required IV antibiotics that were not safe for pregnancy, but they felt the benefits outweighed the risks. I was induced at 38 weeks, due to my health issues, which were kidney related. My baby, Ella, who is now 2, is perfectly healthy, smart, sassy, and into everything!

I don't know why you are on them, but you obviously need them. I remember I asked over and over because I was so worried. I was told it is worse for the mom to be in a lot of pain, because it causes more stress on the baby than the narcotics. Your doctors wouldn't give them to you, if they shouldn't.

I know how scary it is, but try and focus on the other good things surrounding your pregnancy. It is so hard, but it helps. Hopefully, they can take care of your issues soon after delivery. I had my first surgery within a week. Unfortunately, 21/2 years and 10 surgeries later, I am still looking at another two. We are no longer able to have children, but I have my boy and girl and they are FINE!

Good luck!
Feel free to email me directly if you have any other questions or concerns.



answers from Milwaukee on

Hi J.! If you don't mind me asking, what are you taking meds for? There is a very good possibility that there is a natural way to help this chronic pain. I work with a certified NAAC, a person that helps people with their health challenges by natural and safe means, and I can see what he would recommend. Please let me know!

Good luck and happy holidays!



answers from La Crosse on

hi J., i was on vicadin when i was pregnant due to fibromyalgia and everything was fine! i was under very strict medical attention and you hve to be sure not to take more than they tell you i hope this helps



answers from Madison on

I needed to use a couple different prescription meds to control rheumatoid arthritis while I was pregnant. Neither was for pain, but they controlled my arthritis flares, which controlled the pain. My doctor recommended I talk to people at OTIS for reassurance while taking these (prednisone and sulfasalazine), and they were very helpful. They even sent me journal articles explaining studies that had been completed regarding these drugs and pregnancy. They have several informational pages on their website, and a number you can call with further questions or if the drug you are interested in is not listed. Their website is http://www.otispregnancy.org/

My daughter arrived 7 weeks early due to pre-eclampsia, and not likely due to any medications I took. She was very healthy right from birth, though, and remains a very healthy two month old! Good luck with everything!

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