Rust in Nearly New LG Washer

Updated on February 24, 2015
L.E. asks from Mount Laurel, NJ
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I am writing as there are often posts here about purchasing various brands of appliances and I wanted to share my noncustomer service experience with Sears and LG.
I have a top loading LG washer that is just barely two years old. It has already formed rust along a metal seam that is near the dispenser, although I always leave the lid open between washes so that it airs/drys out. Apparently this is a problem with LG washers as I have found other similar complaints when I did a search online. According to LG it's my fault because I should be "wiping away any remaining detergetn residue" after each wash. Sears says it's not their problem because rust is not covered by the warranty or the extended 'master plan' warranty tha I purchased when I bought the washer. Basically all I get is a "not our problem." I only wish I had purchased a basic washer like I had before because I have never ever heard of a washing machine rusting.
I personally will never buy another LG product, nor will I ever shop Sears. Within two years of the washer purchase I had purchased a refrigerator, stove, dryer and microwave from them, not to mention extended warranties. Apparently they could care less that I am a good customer. Sharing this as I'd like to spare someone else a similar experience.

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So What Happened?

LG sent me an email suggesting I use touch up paint. They also said I must make sure that no soap spills over the side of the dispenser when filling it. Really LG? Do the people who design these machines actually do laundry? My mind is blown.
Rust is an issue, because it can stain clothing, not to mention that I don't expect to find rust on a machine that is less than two years old, and that was not cheap.
Sears is saying that rust is not covered under warranty, so I can expect nothing from them. I looked back over my receipts and in the last 12 years I have purchased two washers, one dryer, two refrigerators, one stove, a dishwasher and a microwave from them, not to mention what I spent on extended warranties and other products. How foolish of me to think they might want to actually provide some level of customer service. Never again.

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answers from San Francisco on

Thanks for the heads-up. I have really never heard ANYTHING good about those washers. I will just keep buying used for next to nothing. I have only had to buy two in my adulthood and I'm in my mid-50's. They just don't make things like they used to!

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answers from San Francisco on

Oh man. Sorry to hear that. Does the owner's manual actually say that you have to wipe the detergent off of the washer between uses? If it doesn't say that, I'd push back on them and make them cover this under warranty. I'm sure they don't WANT to cover it, but make them cover it anyway. Furthermore, read through your Sears warranty to be sure that it specifically excludes rust. If it doesn't specify that, you might have some legal ground to go after Sears to cover this, as well. There's just no excuse for a washer that is so new to rust at the top! Sounds to me like the powder coating process wasn't done right at the factory.

I have a front-loading Samsung VRT steam washer that's 6 years old now, and except for a few small issues after we moved (I suspect the movers dropped it, to be honest) it has been a workhorse. I do about 12 loads of laundry per week and that thing just trucks right along. (You know, if you can manage to get them to give some of your money back and/or if they let you get a new washer... ;)

ETA: You know what I would do about that e-mail from LG? I'd go onto their Facebook page and post not only your problem, but their response. Call them out publicly on it. Tell them that they have just advised to you to do something that will in all likelihood void your extended warranty with Sears (because you know Sears will use any excuse not to honor their extended warranty). I'd just keep on going with this, and not accept their suggestion that you repaint your own, almost-new washer. That's just absurd. Follow up with phone calls... just pretty much go from supervisor to supervisor until they acknowledge that there was a manufacturing defect that they need to fix for you. If THEY want to send a repair guy out there to sand down and re-paint that part of the washer, fine. This shouldn't be on you, though.

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answers from Phoenix on

I have a Kenmore Elite top loader that rusted around the bleach dispenser. I had about a month left on our extended warranty, called Sears, they came out, said it was a common problem, ordered an ENTIRE NEW TOP for my washer, and replaced it without a problem.

I've purchased all of my appliances from Sears over the years and have never had a problem with customer service or warranty issues.

I suggest you call again, speak to a supervisor. Rust is a warranty issue.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Never had any appliance rust like you're describing. If they all do it then I'd say the paint or design needs further research.

Sears isn't responsible for the item once it leaves their building. That's a factory warranty and they are the ones responsible for it.

Is the rust damaging your clothes? Do they touch it? Why is it an issue if it's not in the clothing area. Rust sits there and flakes will eventually break off so that's why I'm asking. How serious is the rust?

I have had many used washers over the years and I have never had one, any brand, rust like you're saying. That's why this is confusing. If the know it's an issue their washers have they need to make good on it.

Read your factory warranty and make sure it is a covered issue. If it's not then it's not. I'd read the next machines warranty to make sure it's covered.

I don't think I've ever read a warranty for myself. But I do know the place that sells it has no obligation to do anything once it's purchased and delivered. They do NOT warranty it.

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answers from Chicago on

Sears is awful.

When I was pregnant with my oldest, we ordered online a new bosch dishwasher, kenmore elite frig and a duel fuel range. The order never happened! We then went into the store, and they couldn't give us a delivery window. It kept changing. It took me TWO MONTHS to get my appliances!

And then within two months of ownership, I had to have someone out for the frig and oven. I paid close to 1k each, ON SALE, and they broke immediately.

I swore I would never shop sears again, and I won't.

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answers from Tucson on

I had an LG stove and all of the knobs cracked. They cost over $100 each to replace. The stove was only 2 yrs old, just out of the warranty. I will never buy anything LG again.

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answers from Portland on

I buy appliances from Sears and never had a problem. I suggest that just because you have a problem with one store that does not mean others at a different store will have a problem. So much depends on the people who work in their store.

Have you talked with the store manager, the top guy in that store? If not, I suggest you do that. Take all of your receipts for your other appliances. If you haven't talked with the repair department manager start there.

Bring the letter from the manufacturer suggesting painting that section and ask if they will do that.

I do know that if you over filled the dispenser you will not get help because you have misused the washer. Warrenties are only good when the appliance has a problem due to an error in manufacturing.

I also suggest that Sears may hire a company that does work for Sears but are not a part of Sears. Ask who handles their warrenties.

I also suggest you ask for advice from a repair shop not related to Sears. My Dad had his own repair shop and often did work for appliances still under warrenty and then billed the company. His was a small shop in a small town. My father and my cousin used to take care of my appliances. Now that they're gone I will look at extended warranties. It's important to know what the warranty covers.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I had a similar experience with my Maytag after I bought it many years ago. To be honest, I didn't call customer service so I don't know what they would have said. I just sanded the rust off, and used my car touchup paint (car was white, washer was white). The rust did not come back, and that washer went on to last another 11 years (13 in total).

I know it's frustrating, but if you use a good touch up paint, it will be fine. I used car touch up paint, because I figured that was made to stand up to water, soap, etc.


answers from Washington DC on

wow, thanks for sharing that! i'll keep in mind never to buy that brand, and nerts to sears for not honoring a warranty that should of COURSE cover that.
it's ridiculous to say it's your fault. i keep my washer and dryer very clean, but i don't 'wipe away any detergent residue' after each wash. unless i'm flinging soap everywhere, there shouldn't BE any detergent residue.
i appreciate being alerted to crappy products and service so i don't waste my money.

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