Runny Diapers for Two Days in 17 Mth Old

Updated on December 31, 2011
K.C. asks from Texarkana, AR
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Hello ladies my 17mth old for the last two days has had very runny liquid diapers, he's not sick no fever doesn't act like he feels bad but has a really red bum from all the poop. He's having 6-8 a day for the last two days. He hasn't eaten anything different and not on any meds at all. I went to Walgreens last night and the pharmacist told me they don't make anything for under six yrs old that's not prescription he told me to give him lots of cheese etc. nothing seems to work tho I'm trying to prevent a trip to er bc he is on Medicare and it takies days even week to get him into the Medicare doctor. I'm giving him lots of water no juice and lil milk just in case that makes it worse. Does anyone know of anything that will work for him? I'm doing cream of wheat and oatmeal too. O and on his bum using a and d and monkey butt powder . Destin seems to really burn him he screams when I put it on him. Any advice would be great. He was teething the last couple mths but seems to not really be doing that much anymore so I don't think it's connected.

K. in Texas

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answers from St. Louis on

BRAT diet: bananas, rice, applesauce/apples, toast. That's it....NO dairy, NO juice. Give him some Pedialyte to keep him hydrated....& lots of water, too.

As for the rash, try soaking the diaper wipes in hot remove the cleansers/etc....before wiping him. Let him soak in the tub, too. With the diapers, try to keep him as dry as possible....really coating him with balm.

Good Luck!

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answers from Enid on

I agree with Sue. I have two boys, ages 2 & 3, and we went through bouts of this with both of them when they were smaller. My ped said BRAT(bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) diet (helps produce more solid bowel movements), NO dairy, and soaking his bum in very warm water a couple of times a day (as warm as he can take it). If you can, leave his bottom bare for awhile several times a day to help dry out the irritation, don't use wipes as they can irritate (instead clean with a soft rag dampened with warm water), no Desitin as the medication can cause further irritation but use balmex coating cream instead, and give pedialyte if he will take it to help replenish fluid levels. All of this worked for us with both boys. I hope yours gets better soon.

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answers from Dallas on

As stated - the BRAT diet. Exclusively. Also, remember that when a little guy gets diarrhea, the little cillia in his intestines often die, and it can take a week or more to get better because he has to grow new cillia. Plenty of fluids.

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answers from Dothan on


To start I can't abide Destin, it sticks to the skin while you are putting it on & pulls so that the poor kid hurts more!

I would call the Doc & get him in, if he continues to have this he will be dehydrated very quickly...take his little arm between the wrist & elbow, gently pull the skin up & then let go, if the skin just smooths down slowly & looks just as it did prior to pulling it up the dehydration has not started, however if the skin isn't 'plump' and kind of drops down quickly & looks papery and/or wrinkled when it returns to the arm then he is dehydrated in which case it becomes IMPORTANT that he see someone NOW!

Medicaid recognizes true sickness, the rules & regulations that they send you try to get people from abusing the system by going to urgent care or the ER for non emergencies, so don't hesitate to go to these if you feel your child is becoming dehydrated. I would take him on the 3rd day, children & older folks get dehydrated very quickly.

There is an 'old wives remedy' for diarrhea, boil the milk & cool it down (room temp) before giving it to your child. I have never used it but my Granma told me about it years ago...

I hope he feels better soon!



answers from Philadelphia on

Bananas and pedialyte....that will help a little. I would use vasoline if the destin hurts. That should be mild. Poor little man, hope he feels better soon.



answers from Indianapolis on

Looks like the others said the same thing I would, it's a stomach virus and it's bad right now. Instead of puking he's got it coming out the other way. BRAT diet and DON'T give him oatmeal that will make you go more, it won't help stop it. As for cream of wheat, I'm not sure about that, it may be doing the same thing as the oatmeal so I would stop both of those for now.



answers from Champaign on

I would definitely not give him apples or applesauce as this is something to give them when they are constipated. Bananas, cheese and yogurt are all very good things to give a child with diarrhea.

Pedialite is a great thing to give him as well, because it will replenish his fluids and eloctrolytes.

My little guy had diarrhea for a few weeks one time. I was really worried. His ped had me collect samples to run tests. She even had me cut out all dairy for about a week, I think. Nothing helped, and all of the tests came back negative. She said this can happen sometimes in toddlers as their bodies adjust to various solid foods. It eventually ran its course.

The nurse suggested Paladin for the diaper rash. I had always used A&D and Destin (which are pretty much the same thing), so I was desperate for something that would help my poor baby. It worked like a charm!!! His rash was gone the next day. I've only used it once or twice since then, but I'm so glad I have it just in case.

Good luck! If it doesn't go away soon, call your ped just to be safe.



answers from New York on

It's going around. My 2 yr old just got over the same thing. No sick symptoms, just the runny butt. poor kids. Give your little guy the BRAT diet. Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast. And pedialyte. Little kids do have a store of energy and nutrients in their bodies to last for a few days, so don't worry as long as he is drinking. Sometimes dairy can make it worse- more raw. He should be over it in a day or so. Hope he feels better soon!
Oh! I didn't realize this was you! Any baby yet?



answers from Dallas on

My son had this a few weeks ago and I swear it was from teething- all 4 of his eye teeth popped out that same week. I gave him probiotics and it helped right away. I have the capsule ones, so I just opened the capsule and sprinkled it in his applesauce.



answers from New York on

Bananas, Rice, pedialyte, and applesauce. No dairy. Give him some probiotics as well. As for the rash, wipe his bum with warm wipes that are chemical free. Give him a warm bath 2 times a day and put whatever diaper rash cream you can on him that doesn't make him scream. Unfortunately, desitin does work the best in my experience. Do not give him any medicine. I gave my son pepto at that age and it was SO wrong!!

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