Rug Creases!

Updated on August 27, 2008
K.M. asks from Meridian, ID
5 answers

I purchased a small area rug from Costco that was folded in half. It's been out for a couple months now and the crease in the middle still hasn't gone away. Does anyone know how to get the crease to go away? It's not causing any accidents (like tripping) but aesthetically, it's driving me nuts and I don't want to ruin the rug!


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answers from Great Falls on

If you get a really hot day outside, lay it flat on the deck or in the drive way. The heat will make it go limp. Then bring it back inside and lay it flat. As it cools it will take the flatter shape. Good luck!



answers from Salt Lake City on

Hi K.,
Maybe you could try your iron on the steam setting. If the rug is dry clean only try high heat without the steam. I don't know, it may work.
Take care,



answers from Denver on

If it's washable, follow the washing instructions and let it dry flat outside in the sun. (On a hot day lay an old sheet on the driveway then lay the rug on top to dry)



answers from Salt Lake City on

I heard Martha Stewart suggest putting ice cubes in the creases or furniture marks and as it melts it helps. But I think that was more for standard carpet.



answers from Pocatello on

I have had the same problem with an area rug and I just got a bit of hot water, or steam would work too, and just pour it on the area, don't saturate it but get it hot and soak it up with a towel, bend it the other way and then let it dry flat. This works with indents left from furniture too. Hope that helps.


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