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Updated on July 01, 2009
N.Q. asks from Manchester, NH
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My 8month old has been crawling for a few weeks. She has rug burn pretty bad on her knees, does anyone have any advice how to get rid of it?

I forgot to mention, she is getting the rug burn thru her pants.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the great advice. I was unable to get leg warmers, wrong season here for them. I did some searching and found the worst thing to do is put lotion on the burn, so I got some Aloe Vera that you would use on a sun burn (with out lydicain) and applied that 4-5 times a day. I did order the soft knee pads from Safety First on line but by the time the came in the rug burn had cleared, and just my luck my husband spotted them at Babies R Us two weeks later in the Safety Proofing isle!

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answers from Stationed Overseas on

You may try keeping a bottle of vitimine E oil around for the rug burns, scrapes, cuts and sunburn. Works great for most superficial skin injuries to heal faster and keep from scarring. I keep 2 bottles in the fridge, 10,000 IU and 20,000 IU. I first learned how well it works when a car radiator broke in my face after derving 10 hours in 100 degree weather in Phoenix,Az. I had 2nd degree burns across my face and chest which healed without scars. At first there were a couple but after 6-12 months they went away also. I had to apply it several times a day for that but for most things mornings and evenings is sufficient. For the past 25 years it has been a constant help for all sorts of things both with the kids and adults. For women expecially, it can help with preventing strech marks when pregnancy starts to have its effects. I understand that is one of the effects some women are concerned about, I know my childrens mother was. I do not intend that as criticism, rather as understanding. (Men can get self conscious about various things on their appearance also!) Anyway, it helps to speed healing and reduce or prevent scarring.


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answers from Spartanburg on

There is one other product that has worked great for my kids with any kind of cut or burn. It's called Elicina...check out and click on skincare or body products and it will take you to the elicina site! It's so safe. The women who sell Elicina has a slide presentation of her son's cut on his face and it's amazing what the product does. I use it all the time and my cuts, burn, etc go away without scars. Check it out at least!

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answers from San Diego on

If you are still looking for leg warmers, try (handmade artisan stuff, fabulous!!) I just typed in "baby leg warmers" and a few listings came up, including this one:

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answers from Boston on

You could also try puting a little A&D ointment on the rug burns. I would put some on at night and put leggings or tights over the top so the ointment doesn't wipe off. If they take more than a few days to heal, talk to your pediatrician about adding some Neosporin.

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answers from Wheeling on

I don't think I rec'd your original request, but as a 51 yr old 'Mom' (4 kids)/'Mom-Mom' (3 'Grands'), the BEST thing I've EVER found for burns is Tea Tree oil (available anywhere) -- but particularly in the form of 'Mela-Gel' available from the Melalauca company (or anyone who's a registered consultant with them. You can also find it on ebay). It's wonderful for cuts, scrapes, burns, fungus, etc. I carry it in my purse AT ALL TIMES!

God bless!

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answers from New York on

In your update I read you purchased soft kneepads. I hope they work out. Great ones I use are knoobies.
Good luck,

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answers from Longview on

Sorry I didn't see this sooner, and I see that the issue is already resolved. But, when I had this problem with my daughter I cut the tops off of a pair of my husband's tube socks and put them over her legs, under her pants. Worked like a charm!



answers from Lafayette on has legging and they are super soft.



answers from Phoenix on

You can get leg "warmers" at Wildflower Diapers in Scottsdale or even less expensive on Ebay.




answers from Boston on

Hi N.,

Safety 1st sells cushioned knee protectors. If you live near Braintree/Weymouth/Hingham you can have mine since we don't use them anymore. If not just do a google search for them.



answers from Austin on

Nikki, I love A&D Ointment and it is super economical. I had always bought tubes of it until our third child was born. At the time, I had two very active boys, 6 and 8, and that equaled many scrapes. I also had a day care center so I bought a pound jar. It lasted nine years! Thomas' suggestion about Vitamin E cream is also good but I was hooked on A&D since our first son was an infant. It is worth keeping around. Good for diaper rash, cuts, scrapes, burns.



answers from Dallas on

I saw some Baby legs at Target recently. I doubt you still need them, but check there if you do!



answers from Grand Rapids on

How about making leg warmers out of long olderkids socks or adult socks. Cut them off at the heel and they will be open at both ends.



answers from Oklahoma City on

My Mother-in-Law used to make dog sweaters out of the sleeves of thrift store sweaters. She would just cut the sleeve off and run a seam around the end to keep it from coming undone. You could use the same idea to make really thick leg warmers. Just go to a local thrift store and look in the adult clothes and I bet you could find an old sweater or two. Just use masking tape where you want to cut and then cut up the middle. That way both sides have something holding them until they can be hemmed.



answers from Hartford on

Just wanted to second the baby leg warmers suggestion. Baby legs are a great extra layer to protect those knees and are super cute too.



answers from New London on

Her skin just needs time to heal. Can you put leg warmers on her or tights, or pants, so she doesn't rub her knees on the carpet?



answers from Springfield on

They do sell knee pads for crawling babies.. forgot where, though!



answers from Chicago on

Hi N., you can try 'babylegs', great little leg warmers for babies and available online! :) lots of colours and styles.




answers from Portland on

I would think any of the standard scrape ointments would apply here, but really I just wanted to suggest baby leg warmers. That extra layer between pants and skin might be enough.
It's hard to imagine the poor dear rubbing the skin off her knees when not even on the surface of the rug with bare skin. Maybe have her in soft fleece or cushy sweatpants, as well?



answers from St. Cloud on

Not sure if you figured it out and her legs are looking better but in case you want to find them- BabyLegs are sold online and at Target year round in the baby clothes section.

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