RSV And Rash?

Updated on February 24, 2010
A.D. asks from Sammamish, WA
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My son got RSV when he turned one. He also got red rashes all over his body, his face and neck. Has anyone had the similar situation? How long did it take for the virus to go away? It has been a month and he is still have lots of mucous and runny nose and rash. I read it can take months? He doesn't eat much; all he does is nurse. I am having trouble with his sleeping because he coughs so much at night and nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?

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answers from Seattle on

It could be that he caught something in addition to RSV.
My daughter came down with a terrible cold/earinfection when she was 8 months old, had a fever for a week - just when we though she was out of the woods her fever came back with a vengeance and then a rash... turned out she had caught roseola at the tail end of her previous illness. It wasn't typical either, she had the worst case the ped had ever seen, the rash moved over her ENTIRE body, including the face, scalp, palms of her hand and the soles of her feet...

Anyways...take him back to the doctor and have them diagnose it...

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answers from Rochester on

Hi A.,
I just wanted to say that I feel your pain! Last year my boys both had RSV (at the time they were about 2 years old and 6 months old) and it was a long, rough recovery. My little one had lingering wheezing after having RSV diagnosed in late February until some time in May. For the first several months, I slept little, gave him nebulizers every 4 hours (around the clock), had mucous vomitted up on me every night, and he refused solid foods (he nursed exclusively until closer to 8 months). We co-slept a lot to keep everyone as rested as possible. I'm a light sleeper, so I layered soft towells or doubled-up receiving blankets under our upper bodies and slept with his head curled on my shoulder so he could breathe better. If I just couldn't sleep with him, I kept the top of his bed propped (by propping the feet a bit), but nothing really helped. I missed several weeks of work because he would not even take breast milk in a bottle. My husband has asthma, and once the wheezing was mostly under control we did end up seeing a pediatric pulmonologist and he was finally diagnosed with childhood asthma. Because of the risk of lung infections, he did have a few ear infections treated right away, too. I wish this sounded more encouraging, but it has been a year and he is mostly doing well, just has a tendency to wheeze when he gets a cold and we are on maintenance medications for the asthma and do follow-ups every four months or so with the specialists. I would talk to my doctor if his weight is becoming a concern, but he probably just needs to comfort from nursing and is probably getting enough that way for now. My little guy hung on to that past a year, too. The rash could be something new--when my kids have a severe eczema break-out it looks pretty bad. I would just keep running a vaporizer/humidifier at night (changing the water every day), keep the top of his bed propped a few inches, and nurse on demand.


answers from Dallas on

I'd go back to the doctor to check. A rash can also be a strept infection. You probably should be sure.



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The rash sounds like hives... if he is on antibiotic you probably need to call the dr. Esp if the rash kind of moves and is primarily on his mid-section. My son had RSV in Jan and he was pretty much over it, but his ears were yucky so the Dr gave him one more round of antibiotics and after they were done(within 24 hours) the rash appeared. He took Benedryl around the clock for 4 days and they would not go away so he had to be put on an oral steroid for them to go away for good. Try the Benedryl if you can and if it helps that may be what it is...



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Take him back to the doc. He seems to have something more than RSV. And the cough is serious. I am just recovering from a virus that was just a "cough". It turned into pneumonia and I have been laid low for 3 weeks. Others I know have had it really bad too. Coughing that long at night hurts! He needs to go in.



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I also live in Sammamish, and my neighbor's son who just turned one has been suffering with RSV for about 3 weeks now. He also has a rash which was triggered by the RSV. The pediatrician prescribed a steroid cream for the rash which has helped. But the doctor said there is not much you can do for RSV except let it run its course, which can take more than one month. My neighbor's son is also not eating much but is nursing well.



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My 2 month old just got over RSV and we found that using a bulb syringe was the only way to remove the mucous from her body. We would do her nostrils 2x a day and when she coughed something up we would get if from her mouth.

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