Round Red Spots on Sons Thighs

Updated on April 12, 2009
M.M. asks from Franklin, TN
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I am going to take my son to see his doctor on Monday, but wanted to see if any of you have experienced this with your children. A week ago my sons upper left thigh developed a round raised red spot. We have been treating it for a week now with an antifungal cream (ringworm). However, there are two more spots now on his other leg. The cream has made it more red and flaky, but does not seem to be disappearing.

Do you have any idea what these spots are on my sons thighs?

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for all of your responses, as we were worried all weekend about our little guy. It turned out to be a case of ring worm and the treatments are working great. He has 4 spots and they are starting to diminish after a week & 1/2 of the ringworm treatment. Boy, it is no fun watching spots appear on your little one's bum and there is nothing you can do about it. That bites! But, the internet and talking with you makes parenting a whole lot easier. *smiling*

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My daughter developed some large round, raw spots on her thighs as a baby and the doctor told me it was a yeast infection. She has very sensitive skin and we dealt with a lot of yeast infections all over the diaper area until we got her potty trained. Anyway, he prescribed Nystatin cream and the spot cleared up after just a few days of treatment with that.

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If the spots are hard and hot to the touch and NOT uniformly round you need to take him in to the doctor as soon as possible. It may be a cellulite infection. Please see Web MD for pictures.



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if it is ring worm you neeed blue star onigment
it sounds like ringworm



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How big are the spots? If they are smaller and red they could be a starting of Psoriasis....there are many forms ranging from mild to severe. I myself have a mild form of psoriasis that started when i was in grade school. I was sick and the stress of the body made me develop it. It is non contagious so you have nothing to worry about if it is. If they are bigger though than you need to see the doctor.



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My son had what appeared to be a spider bite on his back but I was concerned so took him to the Dr and found out it was MRSA. I have no idea how he got it but he did. Just be very careful and take him to the Dr ASAP. Also, look it up on line to see if what your son has matches the pictures you son's looked exactly like what they described. Good luck.



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I noticed that some of your responses are a bit alarming, so I thought I would add my own experience which is not. It's good that you're taking him to the doctor, though, just to be safe. I and my daughter (who is 3) have both experienced various strange skin issues. I guess they would fall under the basic heading of eczema. My daughter will periodically get a strange breakout of red rash, mostly on her legs. It is mild, and I have found that it usually goes away with a generous and steady application of Aveeno baby lotion. Until you see the doctor tomorrow, I would not use the antifungal cream, since that seems to be irritating things. You might try 1% hydrocortisone cream, which we have also found helpful at times. It is very mild.

I should probably also mention that a few years ago, I myself developed an unusual rash called pityriasis rosea. It is an annoying rash that begins with a "herald patch," similar to the spot you described. Then it spreads to the trunk and legs and goes away on its own in a few weeks. It is not harmful, just annoying. Generous applications of baby oil after a lukewarm shower were what got me through it. Just thought I would mention it, since it is not something you hear about a lot, but you never know. Good luck, and I hope that your son's issue is something mild.



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It does sound like ringworm, which is really a fungus. We adopted a water spaniel once that was covered in ringworms. Her hair was gone from most of her body and there were large circles on her skin, in the shape of a red ring. My two kids and I all got ringworms. We took the dog to the vet and he gave her shampoo and told me and the kids to use it on our skin. The ringworms disappeared within a week. It itched, but wasn't painful. Does your son itch?


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My husband is a nurse and suggests that ringworm is very clearly marked in a red ring. That he would only be 'worried' if it was spreading or moving upward onto your baby's trunk/stomach/back...which just happened for us.. and even then it depends on what it is as to the solution. Sometimes they are just ride it out situations with no treatment. Sounds like you might just have a bite of some sort. I'd leave off any treatment creams til you have know for sure what it is. Good luck and let us know what it turns out to be. Thanks.



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Hi M., is the round spot actually a ring? Or is it just a spot? If it isn't in the shape of a hollow ring it isnt likely ringworm. If you don't know what the rash is from I think it is definately a good idea to have the doctor check it out. It could be some sort of contact dermititis ... have you switched laundry detergents or tried on new clothes without washing them? Or he could have touched something else??

I totally agree about the role as mom!

Good luck!




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Sounds like he is being bitten by something. Do you have a dog? Cat? Do they wear frontline plus all of the time? Good luck.

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