Updated on July 19, 2008
T.A. asks from Idaho Falls, ID
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We took our baby to the hospital when he was 8 weeks old and had been screaming for 45 minutes straight. He tested positive for the Rotavirus and man did his poop stink. My concern is that now he is 16 weeks old and his poop still stinks. He is breatfed and I was told that breastfed babies shouldn't smell. It's also a dark brown and they say it should be a mustard color with sesame seeds. I have already cut out dairy for 3 months now, no chocolate, broccoli, onions, or peppers. He doesn't act like anything hurts, but does have a lot of gas. Is the smell and color "normal" or does he still have something wrong and what do I do?

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So I started taking acidophilus 2 pills, 3 times a day. He started to improve after about 2 weeks, his poop was either odorless or the right color--not both. This week it is back to the yellow its supposed to be and doesnt smell nearly as bad. It does still stink a little, but hey-- it's poop! Thanks for all your suggestions!!!

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Hi...ugh...rotavirus! My first daughter had it too. Unfortunately, once the bacteria gets into his digestive tract, there is a good chance that his poop will always stink. I breastfed my daughter exclusively, but her poop never went back to the "sweet stuff" after being sick. Good luck!

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I just got out of the hospital on Friday with my 13 month old who had/has the rotavirus. We are on a over the counter called culturelle. They come in capsules, that I open up, dump the content in a measuring cup, add a bit of milk to mix it up and put it in a syringe twice a day. Culturelle helps with digestion. From my Dr.'s explanation, rotavirus is an intestinal disease, so you need to replace the now bad flora with good flora...That is what this culturelle does. It is kinda like really good yogurt in a capsule. Because it is good antibodies being put in your system. I was also told it could last up to 3 months.

For us, my little guy's still stinks nasty like (but he was diagnosed 7 days ago). So I expect it to be a while, though in every other way, he seems to be over the worst. At your next appointment, mention it to your Dr.. Not an emergency thing, but he may have something else for you. If you don't mention it and there is something wrong, the Dr won't know to ask and it could go untreated (though right off hand, I can't think of anything else it could be)

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My little boy had rotavirus when he was about 18 months old. He had to go to the hospital for hydration therapy. Man, what a scary time! When I went in, the doctor said the vomiting can last for a week, the diarrhea can last for 2-3 weeks, sometimes more, and the gas can still last for a while after that. You're only 8 weeks out from the original diagnosis, so, as long as he's staying hydrated, I wouldn't be too concerned. The first thing any doctor is really going to watch for is hydration. That's all they treat for with rotavirus, anyway.

Good luck! I know it's terrible going through it.



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If your are eating eggs, try cutting them out.



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I would recommend giving him probiotic powder mixed into some of your milk or put on your finger for him to suck off. You can safely give him a whole capsules worth. These companies have good probiotics:

Pharmax, Jarrow, Udo's, Dr. Fuhrman, Metagenics

You can get some of them at



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My daughter's poop did smell but not as much as a formula baby. I know it was mustardy in color in the beginning, but I think it did get a little darker as she got older, but I would just call your doc to be safe:) Have you tried mylicon? I still give it to my daughter every night before she goes to bed because her gas is so bad.



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My now 4 year old daughter had the rotavirus when she was about 20 months old, and her poop had a very distinct smell, and was watery and green (TMI?). It lasted about a week, but then it went back to normal, from what I remember. She was no longer breastfeeding at the time. I would think the rotavirus would have run its course by now--is he still having diahrea? He is still pretty little, and the rotavirus can be really dangerous (my friend's daughter was in the hospital for 5 days because of severe dehydration when she had it), so I wouldn't take any the doctor and see what they say.



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Please read about probiotics. He's screaming because his gut is hurting him. Stinky poop is a clear sign that the bad bacteria are over-riding the good bacteria. Your diet, if you are breast-feeding, has a great deal to do with his healing. Don't think for a minute that your diet and his well-being are not connected. Seek and ye shall find. Start here: . Long journey ahead, but best to start now.



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Hi there, It sounds like you're doing your best... I haven't had to deal with this, but when my kids were gassy, I would practice infant massage techniques... it aids in digestion, and helps the bonding process. definately research it before trying, you wouldn't want to massage the wrong direction...



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I keep thinking of you and how your baby is doing. Please update. :D



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I breast feed my daughter and she still had stinky poop.
My daughter is now three and has had rotavirus twice. The biggest sign that she had it each time was the color of her poop, ashy gray. I'm no doctor but I wouldn't worry too much as long as his poop is brownish. I think the most important thing post rotavirus is just keeping them well hydrated. Good luck.

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