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Updated on February 28, 2011
K.S. asks from Ringwood, NJ
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Anyone else have this nastiness? After I had my son, my face broke out and never cleared up. Red around the nose, oily deep blemishes next to my nose and mouth... the dermatologist said it's rosacea. And sold me this $75 ointment, which worked... but I can't see myself spending that kind of money on my face, like a teenager.

The doctor said to avoid weather-extremes (hot, cold, dry) and to avoid alcohol (ha!). Well, I'm not giving up my daily cocktail, and my family is the outdoorsy-type, so I do go out in all kinds of weather. Plus, we use the fireplace (so my face does get "overheated"). Anyone know of any folksy remedies? Good cleansers? I can't stand looking like a kid at my age....

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answers from Kalamazoo on

I developed this "out of the blue" too. I had to switch my liquid make up, it seemed like whenever I wore it it would be worse. I switched to the sheer cover powder and I don't seem to have as many problems as before. I have notoriously dry skin and love the Aveeno products as well.

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answers from Chicago on

I have had this since I was a kid I would go to grade school and get sent home for wearing blush and my mom would ask them to clean my face and see what happens then ... the best option that I have found is a. proactive but used every few days since it can be very drying or my favorite is Aveeno products, they do not have anything specific for rosacea but thier antiredness line does seem to help. I use thier soy based and oatmeal based products and thier tinted moisturizer for make up and I do notice a change. Good Luck I have been dealing with this w/out the need of a dermatologist charging me tons of money with these products (proactive when I was younger moved on to aveeno in the last 5yrs) and I have been happy with me results.

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answers from Phoenix on

I have just been diagnosed this past month. Not sure what suddenly triggered it, I don't have the redness (yet) but have all the tiny little white head type acne that I can't get rid of. My Dr. gave me Metrogel samples its an anti-bacterial gel and so far it seems to be helping. Using antibacterial soap on my face cleared them up good except it is so drying I can not keep using it so have started with Cetaphil gentle cleanser.

I will be watching for any more good advice you get as well!



answers from San Francisco on

I had a doctor say it was related to gluten sensitivity but I didn't personally see a difference. Just thought I'd throw that out there incase it helps someone. I do notice that if I use a gentle cleanser it helps. I've also started using Almays Smart Shade makeup base and that helps tone down the redness. I'll also be watching this thread for ideas.



answers from Topeka on

I have this followed with adult acne I use a foaming wash & the $150.00 ointment Fineacea works well when I use it twice daily the wash I use once a day then use Dove sensitive bar soap.Don't use anything harsh don't scrub you face with an exfollient it will cause more tearing down of the skin.Use sunscreen then your regular makeup it maybe your make up is to strong causing more than regular flare ups.I look flushed all the time hate it but mine has occured during my pregnancy & now after 2 more it won't go away it is something I hate about myself but need to learn to live with it & control it.Avoid the triggers Hot showers,caffeine,spicy foods direct sunlight & drink water.I read in a book that Cocoa butter(dapped on the infected area) is to help the skin & my mom swears by Vitamin E oil



answers from Cincinnati on

my mom has it and took pills for it (maybe she stills does I dont know) but I know it wasnt $75or she wouldnt have bought it



answers from Utica on

My Mother had it and at the time I was using Proactiv and suggested she try it and her face cleared up in weeks.
Good Luck


answers from Houston on

yes i have it, but no oil (literally none) it also comes from hot drinks (that sit right there under the nose), hot showers. alcohol in moderation is fine, being infused with it bursts blood vessels, causing it. Its mostly the temperature. I live in houston so


I use something called "prosacea" which is basically sulfur lotion, seems to alleviate it. Also get a green concealer to mix with your base or regular concealer, sounds odd but green counteracts the red and makes it virtually invisible.

only use warm or cold water to wash your face, and if you can drink cold coffee and tea, it will help

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