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Updated on August 23, 2008
C.M. asks from Grand Prairie, TX
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I am looking to make a room divider for my daughter. She decided that she did not want to be in a room with her sister and she wanted to move to the playroom. She has her space in one corner that is with the closet. She loves it and it is a great space for her as the room is huge.

I would like to put a divider up on one side so she feels like she has her own space. I have looked at ones online and they are expensive and usually not kid-friendly in decor. I saw a make your own on DIY, but it required some tools that I do not have access to (a corner clamp).

I just wanted to see if there are any crafty moms on here who have an idea for me! I am not creative, but I do follow directions well! lol I am open to any ideas, not just a traditional divider.


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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone! I did make it out to Ikea this summer and picked up a wire curtain rod with clips and really cute curtain panels that are white with bubble looking circles imprinted in the fabric. I also used a dresser and desk to help with the other side and then for Christmas she got a really cool divider with a huge pink flower on it! I found it on Craigslist!

She has the closet in her area, which she has turned into the "Girl's Clubhouse". Since she can not repaint the room (which is light blue), I let her pick some pink paint, and did she pick some PINK paint! And today we are painting the closet PINK. lol I figure what can it hurt, the doors can be shut and it will make her the happiest 7 year old in the neighborhood.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestions! I really wanted to make this space her own since we dont have the extra room for her to have her own "room". I think I have accomplished that!

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A room devider (in my opionion) does get a little advanced. You need to use mitered cuts to create the corner supports. Without corner suports the devider will end up lop-sided. I am asuming that you wanted to make a room divider that is a frame covered in cloth. Another idea would (although a little more expensive)would be louvered doors joined with hinges. One more idea would be to cover some lightweight plywood (cut to the sizes you want)with batting and fabric and then join the together with hinges.

** I would NOT use MDF as suggested by another reader. This can be heavier and not to mention the out-gasing from glue used.**
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C., you cn hang curtain rods off the ceiling.. the same way you would install the hardware on your wall and there you have a room divider DIY, or you can do a really cute screen, the possibiities are endless.. but also checkout this link.. goodluck..



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curtains are definitely cheaper and easier and very cute! if you wanted to get crafty go to lowes or home depot and get 3 boards of mdf all the same size (however big you want). get 4 brackets to attach to the boards so it can fold if need be and to keep them together obviously :) finally you can either paint the boards anyway you want or cover them with padding and fabric (you'll need a staple gun) to match her colors. good luck.



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My husband is an Architect and I'll ask him what he thinks and get back to you later.

Ok, he says that the curtain idea suggested by some of the others is a good way to divide up the room visually but that you may also want to also use some furniture such as bookshelves or an entertainment center as a divider that can be used as further storage.



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I would suggest curtains....done right it is an awesome way to divide a room on a budget and doesnt have to look cheap. You can use a line rod to attatch the curtain. Ikea has them for under $5 and tons of curtains to choose from..

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