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Updated on July 25, 2010
L.N. asks from Bel Air, MD
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I have two 3 yr old girls. we moved into this house in november '06. we have lots of room, compared to the previous house. this current house is pretty new and the carpeting the previous owners had is new although the color is odd, blue, on the second floor, including girls' room. the girls' room has a mural, aligators, turtles and like a little pond, meaning the colors are blue, green, some yellow and a bit of brown in one wall only, the rest of the walls are blue. then i went (i plead temporary insanity) but to add a bit of girliness to the room i got pink toddler beds in the beginning but the girls are almost too big forthose beds. so now i have those convertible cribs that i think convert to full size beds. my intention is to move them to those beds by beginning of the fall. those beds would be white. when i make that transition i want their room to be completely girlie. my girls like the fancy nancy books and everytime we read them both ask me when will they get princess rooms. so, needless to say i am in need of major redo of that room but i don't even know where to start or how to go about it.
my first thought was keep that wall that has the existing mural, then the second wall paint with yellow and the third wall with some kind of a peach color. my husband looked at me as if i have lost my mind. the thing is i like the existing mural but the colors are for a boy so i am wondering is there a way to keep that and still by painting the other walls with dfferent colors i may be able to make it enough into a girlie room and choose girlie bedding and what not.
any suggestions at this point considering my suggestions don't make sense even as i type.
where do i start?
what else can i add to the room decor-wise etc
EDIT: WOW, I love the idea of adding the mermaid and then getting butterfly bedding with yellow dominating stuff since yellow blue and green do go together. THANKS SO MUCH
thanks moms

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So What Happened?

thanks so much ladies. it's still work in progress but the gator in the existing mural got lips painted red and cheeks red so now it is a she gator. the froggie got a crown, as in princess froggie, and the three remaining walls got painted very light pink. now i will have a few butterflies and lady bugs and even maybe a rainbow added to the mural. i wanted to do the mermail but when i asked the girls they said i want princess room not mermaid so that went out of the window. they love the room so far. when it's finished then i will choose some 'princess bedding' and have their beds put in. i am so excited the blue walls are gone. getting there. . .almost

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I agree, adding fairytale creatures (mermaids, fairies, frog prince, etc) to your pond and choosing one color to paint the remaining walls would be adorable.

In case you aren't artistically inclined they make wall paper cutouts in all sorts of fun shapes. Wallies is a popular brand. You could just purchase and paste your new characters on the mural.

And then matching your bedding up to a color in the mural would pull it together. You can even take pictures of the mural and get them printed onto throw pillows. One thing I did in my daughter's room (also 3) is use a quilt in coordinating colors without any sign of her theme (horses) on it. This way if she decides she could care less about horses in a year or 2 I can just change her accessories.

Good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

I like what the others have mentioned.
Yet, another idea is to take nice pictures of parts of the mural that you love. Go ahead and paint over it and then just put the pictures into nice frames that look like windows or something and hang them in your princess room!

Or you could pick a section of the wall and paint around it, then around the section you like have like french doors painted. Does that make sense? So it seems like you're looking out the doors at the pond scene!

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answers from Dover on

Hi L.! Wow! That sounds like quite an undertaking! I like the idea the previous responder had about adding a mermaid. You could give her a sparkly pink top or something. Your idea of painting the other walls a different color is good. But I would go with just one color. I think it may look kind of clownish if you have more than one wall that is different from all the others. I think the yellow would be good. My middle child LOVES yellow! We painted her room yellow and then bought a bedspread with butterflies (which might still go with your mural) and it had all the pinks, purples, greens, blues, etc. She loves it. Then we put some butterfly pictures on her wall as well. If you want to stick with the princess thing, maybe you could add a princess sitting next to the pond kissing a frog! Then you could paint the other walls a very light pink and have all the princess decor.

I don't know if any of that will appeal to you or not. I am definitely NOT an interior decorator. But it does seem a shame to paint over such a nice mural. Best of luck!




answers from Washington DC on

Why not try adding a "Sleeping Beauty" style castle in the backgrond of the mural? How much more princessy can you get than a castle where the handsome prince lives? Or perhapse something even more simle like adding some bushes in the foreground that flower in beautiful, bright flowers where those butterflies you mentioned earlier can play? I hope these suggestions help.



answers from Cleveland on

Michaels also has glittery foam letters to put their names on the wall; I bought those 3M adhesive tabs (at Target near lightbulbs) which won't mar the paint rather than the adhesive that came with letters.

At JoAnns, they have glittery birds and butterflies in the closeouts. I attached to curtains or you could put on fish line and tack to wall, ceiling or wherever. Sheer organza ribbon can also be made into bows and dress up baskets, curtains, stuffed animals.



answers from Dover on

Can you add the Little Mermaid to the existing mural? That would make it girlie looking & then you would be able to bring other things into the room to help make it even more girlie.

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