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Updated on April 14, 2009
G.M. asks from Watertown, MA
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Hi moms. My LO has the hardest time napping when we travel because she is used to a dark room. (we started the dark room when she was VERY little because it helped with her colic melt downs)!!
When we travel I try and cover up the windows with towels and blankets, but it does not work so well.
Anyone have any suggestions?
She is 16 mos old, and I certainly want to be able to leave the house!

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Tape + aluminum foil on the windows. It doesn't look nice from the outside, but it works and would travel easily!



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I actually think it would be helpful to get her used to other light settings for naps. If she's really tired, she'll nap, regardless of lighting. Otherwise you'll have someone who can ONLY sleep if it's dark. That can be problematic later on when they really need the sleep but "just the right conditions" aren't present--traveling, summer bedtimes with light still in the sky, living in states or countries closer to the poles, etc.

I have a husband who, when we got married and he was in his late 30s, still needed to have a dark room to sleep. He used to put cardboard between the curtains and the windows to ensure the right amount of darkness. Slowly but surely, we've removed the cardboard and, surprise, he still sleeps.

Good luck!



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I don't know if this would be possible but maybe those eye covers that people wear to sleep? it kind of looks like a blindfold...



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Alaskans cover their windows in aluminum foil to darken their rooms during the bright summers :0)


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My son was the same way. I bought a remnant at the fabric store - look for anything cheap that is light-proof and not bulky (packs well and hangs easily from any curtain rod). I found something that felt like cheap leather - remember the old Naugahyde? I attached some curtain hooks by just pushing the pin end thru the lining, and then it attached easily over the rod or even over the wood trim above a window. I agree with getting a child acclimated to light but when you are in a new place with lots of distractions and stimuli, it's easier to use a piece of vinyl or other material!



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Have you tried a roll of tinting film on the glass under blankets and towels? I used it for my son when he was smaller. Its about $13.00 a roll at WalMart in the automotive section. It peels right off when you don't need it and doesn't leave anything behind. Pretty much it's just a static cling.



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Think I would plan my outings around the child's naptime...naps are so important to their well being.
That being said, what about the little car window stick ons? They look like a place mat and have a couple sucker cups on them to hold them up.
A bonnet may help too.
If you start your outing just at her naptime you could give her a bottle ( sippy cup, whatever) with warm chamomile tea and bit of honey in it..put up the shades and hope for the best.
Other than that, plan your outings for before or after her naptime.
Best wishes and God bless
Grandmother Lowell

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