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Updated on December 08, 2008
R.S. asks from Lincoln, CA
4 answers

So I have a 16 month old who LOVES to rock to unwind each night before bed. I have a descent rocking chair, in his room, but want a new one.
I am expecting baby boy number 2 in February. Do we really need 2 chairs? Or do we get 1 and put it in the babies room? How did you moms do it when you had young children close in age?
Did you put the rocker in the living room? I do want to purchase a new chair, due to comfort, but just dont know how to make sure EVERYONE is happy.
Any advice would be great!

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answers from San Francisco on

I don't really understand your dilemma -- if you want a new chair for comfort then get one, and then put the chairs wherever you want. If you think your 16 month old is going to mind where the rocker is, then ask him where he would like it to go. At almost 2 he should be able to tell you something.

Sounds like if your 16 month old has a chair in his room then leave that one there and put the new one in the baby's room.



answers from Stockton on

Hi R.,
Get one nice quality chair and put it in one room away from sleeping babies. Then the chair can serve as a calming space for both babies, and will not interfere with sleep time ritual. With the new baby you can feed and soothe in that chair in the middle of the night without effecting the other child.
I keep a rocker in the living room, and as soon as we sit in it my son knows he can snuggle and relax. I plan to do that with the next too.
Good luck!


answers from San Francisco on

I only have one (bebe), so can't speak from experience on whether to have 1 or 2 rocking chairs, but I say if you are planing to buy a second rocking chair anyway - why not have one in each room?
I have a Dutailier rocking chair in my son's room and I highly recommend it if you are looking for something comfortable. It also has great resale value on (as I learned when trying to buy one)



answers from San Francisco on

When our children were little we had a wooden rocker in the nursery and a comfy rocker-recliner in the family room, every one was happy and comfy.

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