Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.... Do You Have One?

Updated on November 19, 2012
L.C. asks from Holly Springs, NC
9 answers

Interested in getting a robotic vacuum cleaner, if you have one please share . And if you would reccomend it or not.Tia :)

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answers from Los Angeles on

Yes but......
don't buy one on-line. Get it at Costco so you can return it if it breaks. They are not perfect but at the end of the day they helped me keep my floors from getting crunchy. Unfortunately mine broke after 14 months. So glad I got it at Costco, I simply returned it. Those things were and perhaps are still around $400 and if I pay that much for a vacuum it better last a few years! I won't buy another, but I liked mine while I had it.
I don't care for it on carpet, its required too much maintenance, but great for hard surface. It also over-vacuums to get everything picked up so if you have expensive hand made area rugs, I think its not an ideal fit.

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answers from New York on

I LOVE mine. Bought it about a year ago and was worried it would be a "gadget" that would break down pretty quickly, but it has worked very well. It's especially great for picking up all the little Legos in the living room and allowing me to rescue them rather than being lost in the vacuum bag forever. It even once picked up a whole minifigure and kept on cleaning.

The only thing you should know going in is that it is not a comprehensive vacuum. You are still going to have to do corners, tight spaces and stairs with another vacuum. But in terms of keeping on top of the day in-day out vacuuming, it's great. My floors have never kept cleaner.

The only other drawback I can think of is it is a bit noisy. But like any vacuum, I suppose.



answers from Detroit on

Rooma changed my life and I'd get another in a heartbeat. It's so easy, and it's great. Works better than my Oreck.



answers from New York on

We had the roomba, and swapped it out for a NEATO. The Roomba was great, but because it moves randomly and covers each room 3x before it moves onto the next one, it took a long time. I thought it was unfair to the neighbors. Neato moves like a major league lawnmower, straightlines, then the perimeter. We like it. It is effective. It gets under the furniture, and gets the dust bunnies. Also, since its got a rubber "brush" it doesn't get clogged up with hair.

Vaccuming yourself is probably quicker and more thorough, but if you are happy to have a robot do the job, they can help.

Good luck to you and yours,
F. B.



answers from Minneapolis on

We have had a Roomba for about 10 years now. I like it a lot, though I wouldn't splurge for the programmable one if you have kids. With kids you are always battling keeping small toys and junk off the floors and if the vacuum starts vacuuming before you are ready...well...

The rechargeable batteries have a tendency to not last terribly long. A few years or so. But when ours went out, then we ordered one from a website that is lithium-ion and lasts much, much longer. (This better battery is not sold by the Roomba company).

Make sure you clean the Roomba thoroughly after everytime you use it. I have long hair and I need to regularly cut off (it comes with a little tool) the hair that wraps around the brushes. We have always found it is handy to keep an extra set of the brushes and the little mini "into the corners" brushes in case anything gets broken or worn.



answers from Los Angeles on

We are going on 4 years now with our Roomba. LOVE IT! Now I want the Scooba - the one that mops.



answers from Beaumont on

We have one, had it for a LONG time. It works pretty good. Not great but certainly better than nothing! You still need to throughly clean just as often as you would normally but it does help pick up during those in-between times.


answers from Austin on

I have a friend that has 2! She says they are fantastic..

She has a dog that sheds, she says she loves them these vacuums, they really help ake care of most of the shedding.

She knows the areas that get missed, so it is easy to swoop in there and take care of those spots.

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