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Updated on July 07, 2011
J.G. asks from Spring Branch, TX
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My 3 yr old is TOTALLYinto robots. He told the ladies at VBS last week "My name's not V. It's 'ROBOT'." He of course answers to his name, but whatever he is for that day (a robot, a construction guy, a cowboy) he reminds me that I should call him such. Anyways -- we don't have tv. We only watch movies for now. I am so sick and tired of watching THE IRON GIANT (cartoon movie)! It's just about all he wants to watch! I've seen it 3 times since Saturday! We also own ROBOTS (the cartoon as well) and have seen SHORT CIRCUIT and SHORT CIRCUIT 2 (the 80's flicks with "Johnny 5 is alive!") Any other ideas of movies that feature a robot? Maybe the Jetsons tv show on DVD - their maid is a robot? There's gotta be more out there I'm not thinking of.

added: Oh yes I forgot about Wall-E. We have seen it. We don't own it. Maybe I SHOULD buy it so it'll be something different. Power Rangers --- true that's robot-ish. But YOu are right that I may tear my hair out faster! HA. I will check out Voltron and Transformers cartoons. He has seen bits of the actual Transformers Movie and I wish it weren't so violent or we could watch it. He loves Bumbleebee and Optimus Prime. When he pooped in the potty the other day we "called OPtimus Prime" to tell him.

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So What Happened?

@Rachael: I have not seen the BRAVE LITTLE TOASTER -- just checked and my local library has it on DVD. I just put it on reserve so we will watch that one this week or next.
@Sara: Thank you for those other suggestions. I have not heard of those. So will check those out too. Awesome! (Bonus - my son pretends to be a dog sometimes. A robot dog - even better. )
@ Jennifer: I saw Titan AE at the library the other day. Showed it to my son and since there's no robot in the photo he didn't want it. Will check it out again next time I'm at the library.

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answers from Austin on

"Batteries Not Included" maybe? I have vague memories of seeing that one as a kid - it came out around the same time "Short Circuit" did.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Astro Boy is a movie that my 4 year old and 2 year old enjoy. It's all about robots!

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answers from Kansas City on

my daughter (4) loves the transformers cartoon, but we dont let her watch the movie. There's always Star Wars (although my husband is insisting that they are "droids" not robots, whatever the difference is!). Our daughter is allowed to watch the holy trilogy, but not the new ones. The Sarah Jane Adventures has an awesome robot dog K-9, but he's not in every episode. He is in a few of the old Doctor Who's from the 80s and in one of the new ones (season 2). He's my favorite robot. :-)

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answers from College Station on

Star wars has lots of robots- and people who work on robots.
A lot of the sci-fi has them, but are not appropriate for the younger set :(

The Black Hole is one my boys like, Treasure Planet, Titan AE are some of our favorites.

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answers from Columbus on

Wall-E? He's a robot, right? LOL! I loved that movie, but may be a little slow for a 3 yr old.

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answers from Houston on

You may want to rent some movies instead of buying too many. These phases tend to pass suddenly. I know the local movie rental places usually have a family section with lots of cartoon type movies. It's too bad you don't have cable the on demand function works well for these type of phases.

My son was a different super hero every day at that age, and he would get mad if I didn't call him by his super hero name. (Of course I never knew which one it was lol.) He would talk about himself in the 3rd person. (Batman doesn't have a bed time, Hulk isn't tired etc. lol)
This age is a lot of fun!

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answers from Richmond on

Does 'The Brave Little Toaster' count? That movie is so cute :)

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answers from Jacksonville on

LMAO. My daughter has the same problem! I really hate that Iron Giant now! At two and half she will sit in the tub and go, "No, No That's a rock, that's a tree. Rock Tree."
How about the old cartoons? If you have Netflix and a blue ray player with internet capabilites you can watch Voltron, you might try looking for the cartoon Transformers too. I bet you can find a ton of those on DVD. I would suggest Power Rangers, but I think that will want to make you tear your hair out faster than Iron Giant.

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answers from Austin on

What about Astro Boy? Also, there are lots of robots in Star Wars, the Clone Wars, aren't there? Sorry I couldn't think of more.


answers from Chicago on

I've seen previews for "Robots" on the beginning of one of our dvds. I've not seen it, but you might want to check it out--preview it first, since I don't know if it is age appropriate.


answers from Minneapolis on

Wall-E is the only other one I can think of....

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