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Updated on February 18, 2011
M.N. asks from Geneva, IL
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Hi moms have anyone had there kids diagnosed with allergies prior to age 12 months? my son is 10 months and he was diagnosed with allergies that include wheat, soy, peanuts (the highest), dairy and eggs. We have been feeding him rice milk since we found out last friday. We have met with two allergists and they have referred us to a nutritionist that we wont see till march 1st. My husband and I have been reading conflicting reports on Rice milk. Some people add protein rice to it? All of this is so confusing! I can't wait to meet with the nutritionist! But we have to get through the next week or so....Any info would be greatly appreciated!

The nut milks shouldn't be an issue because a peanut is in the legume soy family with beans and peas.
Then the doc explained that his allergy isn't "gluten"which is what binds some wheat products it's actually the wheat itself.....so specific right??? crazy !!

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answers from Lincoln on

My younger sister had to have Goats milk due to allergies. Goats milk is very healthy and much better nutritionally than rice milk.

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answers from Dallas on

Rice milk, is gluten free...most of it. White rice is not the most nutrition filled grain out there, and rice milk is very processed, so I wouldn't feed it to my son. He has dairy problems and he just doesn't drink any kind of milk. He is 21 months and has never been sick. Your son doesn't need any kind of milk. It's not necessary for his nutrition. Be careful with almond milk. It is processed in a facility that processes peanuts. The most dangerous part of peanuts (for those of us with allergies) is in the shell and film of the peanuts. These become airborne. I am allergic to peanuts and had a really dangerous reaction when I had something processed in a facility with peanuts. Also, he is more likely to be allergic to tree nuts...which makes almonds a bit dangerous. Please, don't try goats milk. (that's usually the first thing people suggest.) There is still casein in goats milk. With dairy allergies, you can't have casein.

You could keep giving him rice milk until your appointment and then wean him off needing any milk. If he eats a balanced diet, he doesn't need nutrition from liquids.

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answers from Chicago on

I would keep him on rice milk for now. A week or so won't hurt anything, but goat's milk has the dairy protein and almond milk is processed with peanuts, either of which could put an allergic child into anaphylactic shock. My son has been dairy free for 2 years, discovered a dairy allergy at about 6 months when we gave him a taste of ice cream and he broke out in hives. We alternate rice, soy, and almond milk because I've heard conflicting reports on all of them so I try not to overload on any one! But with your little guy's other allergies I would keep his diet simple for now (like the BRAT diet: bananas, rice, applesauce, (gluten-free) toast. That should give him plenty of nutrients for now, then the nutritionist can tell you about long-term maintenance of this diet.



answers from Los Angeles on

Check out coconut milk! or even Almond. But I'd say at his age both almond and rice aren't going to give him what he needs. Coconut is a great alternative to cows milk and so much better for the little guy!



answers from New York on

Have you considered almond milk? Almonds (not peanuts which I saw you said he was allergic to) are natrually high and protein and almond milk is soooo good (personally I hate rice milk). Also, if you buy rice milk already made in the store, it is not gluten free and almond milk is. I hope everything goes well for you.



answers from Atlanta on

Hi M.,

I'd agree with the posts on the Amond Milk and Coconut Milk as long as his allergy is simply peanuts and not nuts....Goat's milk is the best alternative. It is close to human milk and in it's truest form is rather tasty, much like cow's milk. Powdered and concentrate have a "goaty" taste but Meyenburg organic in the dairy section of the grocery store is real good. We have our seven month old niece on it and she loves it. Rice milk has little nutrition and is a simple sugar. That's enough to make me look for better alternatives.

My two cents!




answers from Chicago on

You want to add protein and fat!!!!!!! There is no/little fat in rice milk. I have a recipe that I got from a naturopathic dr. Recipe was approved by my pediatrician. Just know that it's not enough fat for them after 12 months.

1 Tablespoon Nutrabiotics Vegan Rice Protein
1 teaspoon Barleans Flax seed oil
1/2 teaspoon Carlson's fish oil
16 oz unsweetened rice milk - Trader Joes is organic, best tasting and cheapest

You also need to add the recommended daily dosage of Child's Life multivitamin to either the mixture or to 1 bottle. If child is drinking more than 16 oz a day, then just add to one bottle.

Mixture is good in fridge for 3 days. The rice protein does not mix in nicely so a blender is highly recommended. If child has gluten problems then use a gluten free rice milk.


answers from Austin on

i would think if he's getting protien and fat from other sources, you wouldn't have to worry about adding anything to the milk.

i am sorry you are having to go through this. diet issues are SO HARD. (i have celiac disease and my daughter has a dairy allergy, so our home is pretty sensitive as well... not has hard as you though)

adding fats and protiens from other food sources should keep you from stressing about the "milk" source.


you can add coconut milk to recipes to add good fats and great protien and nutrition. coconut milk is SO good for you! not great tasting but its great as a creamer in coffee, hot chocolate, or in place of heavy cream or milk in recipes etc. you can make smoothies with it and cook with coconut oil. its wonderful. has so many beneifts if youre worried about fat and brain development etc.



answers from New York on

Our first son had a milk/soy protein intolerance. At 12 months when he came off his prescription formula, we put him on rice milk. Neither the pedi GI dr or our pediatrician mentioned anything about adding protein or any negative aspects of rice milk.

FYI - he was able to go to whole milk at 15 months. He eventually grew out of it.

Good luck

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