Updated on October 04, 2011
E.K. asks from Lawrence, KS
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I am going to try a sticker chart/reward system to encourage my 3 yo to use the potty more consistently. Need some ideas of how to do it. How did you do it/what worked for you??? Thanks!!
**I'll add my son doesn't like candy, but he loves stamps.

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answers from Anchorage on

I got a toy he really wanted, and put it on a high shelf above the toilet. I told him he had to make it 2 weeks using it every time, and he did, the first 2 weeks. He really wanted that toy!

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answers from St. Louis on

We did not do this for potty training but for another issue but I believe it will work the same. I purchased a toy that my son wanted (not too expensive - under $10) and then put it up on the fridge so he could still see it. He had to earn 25 stickers before he could collect his toy. Of course we did this a couple of times until his behvior seemed to improve on its on and no longer needed the sticker chart.


answers from Houston on

I use bribery of a larger magnitude. With my first daughter it was a barbie house,,,,now im bribing my second daughter with a littlest pet shop mansion.



answers from Des Moines on

Sometimes the best rewards are things other than more trinkets/sugar etc...... a few ideas are if he gets a certain number of stickers or something (unsure how exactly you are keeping track) he can say - pick dinner for the whole family one evening (anyone say fruit loops and PBJ sandwiches!?), get to sleep in a fort in the living room with mommy and daddy one night, special outing with you (library, ice cream), etc., he gets to pick family movie, etc. Just some creative thoughts. Good luck!


answers from Houston on

The actual chart didn't work for us. My kids got ONE chocolate chip or m&m (from the bag, not the whole bag, just one) for every pee. They got a toy car (the 99 cent ones) for every poop (it was only like once every few days). Once they got better and better, instead of rewarding them each time they went on the toilet, we gave them a reward at the end of the week, I think we took them out for ice cream or got a new coloring book or something.



answers from Lincoln on

I think one important thing is just to keep the reinforcement motivating. For example, say your son could get stamps any time he wants. Then he wouldn't be motivated to work for them. Or say he performs and ends up getting 20 stamps. Well, perhaps if he already has 20 he wouldn't see the need to work for more.

The way I did it with potty training was to pick something such as going to McDonalds. (Whatever would be motivating to him). Then he had 10 x's to put stickers on. (the number can be negotiated) and then he had to fill it up by going potty and then he earned his trip!

Love that you are trying to reinforce!! Anything that will give him that positive feedback is great!!!!

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