Reward Idea Needed for My Son's 1St Day of Kindergarten

Updated on August 25, 2010
E.D. asks from Spring, TX
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Today was my 5 years first day of Kindergarten and he did awesome, he rode the bus and looked so happy when we popped in on him before school started. I am so proud of him and wanted to do something fun for him tonight. Any ideas?

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answers from Dallas on

my mom always took us to McDonald's for an ice cream cone on our first day of school. It's cheap, it's fun for them, and super nice on a hot day!

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answers from Des Moines on

My daughter just had her first day last week. My hubby and I bought her a new game for her leapster2...which she loved. We also let her pick out what we had for dinner that night...she loved being able to do that!

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answers from Dallas on

Give that kid a great big hug and an "I'm so proud of you. You're such a big boy!"

You could make a "Big Boys Dinner" or Back to school dinner with all his favorites - Nachos and popcorn balls - whatever. You could make him kindergarten king - get him a Burger King Crown and let him wear it and sit in the thrown at dinner.
Let him take his bath in your tub tonight - or let him try showering! Something that says big kid and special - whatever that means in your house. In my house, all we have to do is let the littles watch a kid show in the living room - they think that is really special.

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answers from San Antonio on

Let him pick out what HE wants for dinner.

Dont fuss at him to eat his veggies. Let it be his night.

Go out for ice cream after dinner.

Go to the grocery store and let him pick out his favorite sugary cereal for breakfast the rest of this week.

Make him french toast for breakfast (if he likes this. Very easy to put egg, vanilla, cinnamon in a ziplock bag, mix it up, add a slice of cinnamon rasin bread, put it in the fridge. The nextmorning it's ready to put on a skillet. Quick & easy to do the night before)

No matter what you do, praise him, praise him, praise him. Tell him how proud of him you are.

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answers from Honolulu on

take a photo of him.
I always take photos of my girl on the first day of school, each year.
And of her getting ready, and in front of the school or her class.
... I just got my daughter, something she wanted... even if it was something small.
I also got her... a cute little personalized luggage bag tag for her backpack....
I don't see it as a "reward" type thing... just a 'celebratory' thing for fun.

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answers from Corpus Christi on

when my kids did this we had a pizza night along with a movie something that he would like, and remind him that this is because he was so good and has grown up and is going to school now. remind him how much you love him.

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