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Updated on June 29, 2012
M.G. asks from Orland Park, IL
12 answers

Has anyone had any experience with sittercity? Did you like it? Would you use it again??????

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answers from Chicago on

I have used it in the past and I was very happy with the sitters I used from there. I let my membership go after a while because I started using some teen-young adult family members, but I may actually pick it up again now that these girls are getting busier with their own lives and such. I never had anyone misrepresent themselves in any way; It was a lifesaver at the time when I didn't have anyone else!

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answers from Chicago on

I used sittercity after many friends gave it rave reviews. If you are looking for a part time/occasional sitter, you can find some truly amazing individuals. My boys favorite occasional sitter is from sittercity. They used to have complete meltdowns if I ever wanted to go out on the weekend or had a work dinner on a week night, now they ask for their favorite sitter and look forward to those rare evenings! Sittercity also runs background checks for a low fee and is very easy to use, but don't forget to call the references, their responses are very telling. I am always nervous interviewing strangers in my house now that I have children, so I had my first meeting with each candidate at a local ice cream parlor. It was informative to watch each candidate react to the various needs and antics of my boys in this public setting. I also tried to use sittercity for a full time Nanny. I do NOT recommend it for this use. Almost every person I interviewed had little or NO experience despite bios that suggested otherwise and demanded very high hourly rates. Some wanted 20-25 $/hour for 2 years of experience! I found some qualified nanny candidates on craigslist and by placing an add in the Polish newspaper. I have friends who like Nannys4hire for nanny help, but I have not used it.

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answers from Indianapolis on

Have not but would love to hear how it works out for you!



answers from Saginaw on

I think it’s a good and friendly site but after using it I’m not sure I couldn’t find
A baby sitter on my own. I found some sittercity reviews who were positive about
It like this one:

but when I joined it was not that simple to navigate as I thought it would be.
Also it took me a while to find a babysitter, not in few hours as I thught.



answers from Chicago on

HI my name is K. and I have used it before! I found one of the best sitters I've used on there. I have four young children. my youngest is 4 months and my eldest is 7. I trut her alot and she is great with the kids. She i will be 15 in March I think. Yes she is young but if you want her number is ###-###-#### or email her at [email protected] sittercity is good. she lives in glenview.



answers from Elkhart on

I've used sittercity to advertise my own babysitting service and I have liked it. I don't know how it is from the parents' side, but from the sitter's side it's easy to use and ver self-explanatory. :-)



answers from Phoenix on

I used Sittercity when I moved to Frankfort because we knew no one. I was apprehensive at first but it was my only way to find a sitter. I met the most wonderful gal. She still sits for me - it's been over a year. We emailed a few times, met for an interview (we did it at my house but she (sitter) said that she's done it in public never know about people) and she was hired. I would recommend Sittercity for finding your next sitter. Good luck.




answers from Boston on

Probably the last place you would go to search for a baby sitter you would get more responses on craigslist than this stupid website. It's a scam, I paid for annual membership to look for a baby sitter for my 7 month old daughter after getting impressed with the site that there are so many babysitters in my area that look good during my preview of this site, as soon as I became paid member I could hardly see anyone available, I saw two and sent them email but no one replied seemed like some fake profiles and then I got one response from a lady who lived 60 miles from my place and was desperate to take up the job in need of money. I asked the website to refund my money and they outright said a no. Horrible place to look for a babysitter so parents please save your money.



answers from Chicago on

I have used sittercity a few times and had very good experience. You still need to do a thorough interview and check their references but I thought it was a great resource. I would use it again if needed.



answers from Chicago on


You should try my service I am a mother of two and founded the service because I find that finding a babysitter can be so challenging.

SitterBuzz is basically an event you attend where you meet 20-25 college student babysitters. You do all the informal interviews in one hour and then you take home a Buzz Binder which is a book of all the babysitter's profiles. The profiles include their contact info, experience, availability schedules, and a photo. Once you go home, you have a book of babysitters you can call anytime. If you want more information or want to register for the event that is on August 21, 2008 checkout




answers from Evansville on

I have never heard of it, but definitely will check it out now. Like others I don't know anyone hear, and it would be nice to find someone on occasion!



answers from Chicago on

Love it, love it, love it! If you do your homework, you'll be happy! I have found wonderful sitters that we have used for years now. good luck

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