Return of Period After Miscarriage

Updated on October 21, 2008
J.L. asks from Summerville, SC
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I have a question- I had a miscarriage last month (the middle of September). The doctor said that I had a blighted ovum. I had a natural miscarriage and did not have to have a D and C. Does anyone know how long it takes for your period to come back after a miscarriage?

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So What Happened?

Thank you to everyone for your help! I really appreciate all of your comments, somehow it is easier to hear it from other moms than a doctor that doesn't have any kids of her own yet. I actually got my period today, so I guess I was just doing that little paranoid thing we all do before we get our period wondering when it is coming...Thanks again!

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I had a miscarriage without a D&C and my period came back the next month. The doctor said I could start trying to get pregnant again after one normal period and luckily after only one period I was able to get pregnant and had a completely normal pregnancy. Good Luck.

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answers from Savannah on

Mine returned about the 2nd month after. Usually its between 5-8 weeks if you had normal periods before.

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Hi J.,

I had a blighted ovum as well - it was with my first pregnancy. It was just before Christmas. I was 8 weeks pregnant by February 14th. I'm sure everyone is different, but I hope this helps =) So sorry for your loss.




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I also had a blighted ovum back in 2004. I was six or seven weeks along at the time. When that occurred I experieced a heavy period. I then had my next period pretty much on schedule, maybe a week or so later than expected. I got pregnant (with my now 3 yr old) a couple months later.



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So sorry to hear about your loss. I had a miscarriage early August at 9 1/2 weeks (no D&C). I got my period 6 weeks later which was a little over a week later than normal for me. We started "trying" right away. I found out last week I'm pregnant again and I'm just praying this one works out. Good luck.



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1st off, I am so sorry. I know how hard it is. 2nd, I bled for about 2 weeks (my miscarriage)and I did not have a D&C either. My periods for the next year were all over the place. I would even skip a whole month. My body was just completely out of whack. I was so stressed out that of course that made it worse. Sometimes it my cycle was 29 days(about normal for me) and sometimes it was 45. Everyone is different and the doctor even said I was normal. It is just hard to tell how your body will react. I was engaged at the time and we weren't being careful. After that my now husband wanted to wait til we were married. A whole year of every other month thinking I was pregnant because my period was so late only to be disappointed. I wanted it so bad. When we did finally have our wedding (1yr and 1mo from the miscarriage) I was already 2 weeks late, but knew I was stressed and 2 test were negative. Turns out that God wanted us to wait til we were married, too. Sometime that week, he gave us a little gift. 9 mo to the day of our wedding, our little souviner from Mexico arrived. Complete with birthmark on back that if you look real closely, says made in Mexico ;) I know a little more info than you wanted but I love the story. I had a whole year of confusion about my periods, but it all worked out. I know you will be frustrated, but you will be fine. Hopefully your period comes back better than mine did. Good Luck!



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This is a tough one! After my miscarriage I had a very short period right around the time I was supposed to, based on my normal cycle before becoming pregnant. My doctor told me it was my body's way of trying to keep on track. However, it only lasted two days or so. I had a normal one about 6 weeks later. Everybody's different ...

I'm sorry you are having to go through this. No matter how "normal" a situation your doctor tells you it is, it is still hard to deal with.



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it should return for your next cycle regularly.

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