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Updated on January 02, 2012
M.T. asks from Kansas City, MO
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Ok, so it has been over 4-5 years since I have had a need for a resume and at that point I really didn't even need it to be perfect (former coworker hired me and knew my background.) I am currently trying to put a new resume together and have a few questions for you all.
1) I have worked for the same company for 8 years, starting at an entry level position and working my way up the ladder to a management position. How do I express this on my resume? Do I list each title I have had as a different job, or include them all under one "work experience?"
2) I took a job for 3 months at a different company and then ended up coming back to my current company, how do I list/explain that one??? I was an assistant manager when I left the first company and then came back 3 months later as a manager.
3) Do any of you have recommendations on where to go for current Resume formatting? I know I should have kept up with this through the years, but life happened!!!

Any help is appreciated!


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answers from Norfolk on

I would list the company you worked for and then list the positions chronologically starting with the most current.

ABC Company Springfield, MA 9/2001 - 9/2008

Team Manager
List duties - Enter lots of numbers here like how many you supervised, what was the dollar amount of the budget you were in charge of, did you save the company money? How much and how did you do it? Did you increase revenue? How? etc...

Same format as above

XYZ Company

Same format as above

Just list the company you were with for 3 months. Most won't think much of it because you were with your most recent company for 8 years. When asked about it say only positive things. If asked why you left tread carefully. Say things like "It just wasn't a good fit for me", "My previous company really wanted me back and I had enjoyed working for them. I took the new job because I was able to obtain a management position" things like that.

Put all important information (numbers like mentioned above and major achievements at the beginning of the list of duties. As an HR Director, I prefer the paragraph style for a resume. Like I showed in the first example. Duties separated by commas. Bullet points should not be used for every duty you had, it's redundant. Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

Google resume formats and choose the one you like and the one that seems to be the clearest info-wise.

Work experience - list the job title changes/dates under your current job because your duties changed. Show how you've improved.

I think you can leave that gap and explain it in as positive a way as possible if/when asked. Opens conversation and if it was a smart move on your part - you got promoted - explain how that happened.

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answers from Houston on

My only answer is for #2 - don't leave it off. Some employers consider that lying on your resume and will automatically disqualify you.

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answers from Houston on

You have gotten great advice so far. I wanted to add I spent $150 having someone write my resume for me after it was out of date for about the same length of time. I was too busy to update/polish it and I wanted it to look different than the standard fare. I was so pleased with the results and at every interview I went on I actually got compliments on my resume. I went back and forth a few times with the writing company to get it just right but I thought it was well worth the money. So if you have some extra money, I think it would be well spent on this in my experience. Good luck.

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answers from St. Louis on

Go to the career center they have classes that are free on resume writing.

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answers from Los Angeles on

For #1, you should list the different jobs you did. List the most recent and most impressive first, with the lowest level at the bottom. If some of the jobs had basically the same duties, you can list them together with one set of bullets - example:

Admin Asst I (2002-2003); Admin Asst II (2003-2005)
-duty one
-duty two

or even just Admin Asst (2002 - 2005)

As for the 3-month job, include it, but below everything for the 8 year job, not in the middle of it.

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answers from Washington DC on

CONGRATS on a lengthy time at the same company!!!

ACE HARDWARE 2000 - present.

2000 - 2001 Cashier
bullets about what you did

2001 - 2003 - Lead Cashier
bullets about what you did

2003 - 2005 - Front End Manager
bullets about what you did

2005 - 2009 - Store manager
bullets about what you did

2009 - 2011 - Division manager
bullets about what you did

Doing it this way shows progression in your career. What you did in 8 years and experience.

There are companies that will write your resume for $150 to $500 and up. I think one is called - they review yours, give you recommendations or re-write it for you.

As to the 3 month job difference - put it on there. If they do a background check or pull any employment records from the state (showing earnings, etc.) it will reflect poorly on you.

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answers from St. Louis on

Sign up for website and start there, they have all of the latest cover letter resumes that you will need. Just went through all of that since the beginning of summer. Lots of places are hiring only through recruiting agencies now, and all of the resumes that you will need have to be submitted online! Good Luck and Happy Hunting.

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