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Updated on January 12, 2010
B.F. asks from Post Falls, ID
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I was wondering if anyone had any great resources for games and activities to do with a 2 year old. He loves to do art projects, singing, being read to, and anything that has to do with trains.

Thanks so much in advance!

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answers from Erie on

two year olds love just about anything if you do it with them or if it makes noise or a mess lol.
make homemade playdough, let him have play time in the bathtub, play peek a boo etc. Look for a mom's group or mommy and me group, toddler time at the library or zoo.
I like parenting mag for cute quick ideas for todders, Family Fun Mag and Mag on line have fun ideas you could adapt.

enjoy this age!



answers from Philadelphia on

Go to sprout It is really nice. Also does he watch the sprout channel? they show nice crafts and activities on the show with nina and start. my son is 2.5 and loves this channel and going on the website.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Some of my kids favorite actvities at that age were building with blocks, playing with balls, playdoh (!), playing in the bathtub (this is a great place to play with bubbles and bathtub paints), crawling through homemade tents, playing instruments, playing with toddler laptops. Crayola Color Wonders products are great for this age, IMO. Candy Land Castle was a fun, easy game for them. They liked songs by Laurie Berkner and The Wiggles.

Have you checked your local library or community center for free or inexpensive classes? They usually offer storytime, crafts, music, movement.

The Mommy and Me website has some gret ideas for activities.

Have fun!



answers from Philadelphia on

Theres SO much to do and it's so much fun at this age! My daugther is 2 and she loves trains! She has a Thomas Train table and trains (which I happily bought a yard sale for a steal!) but she also enjoys games like hullabaloo, don't break the ice, ants in pants, memory. We have an easel and she paints or if I'm feeling too lazy to bring up the easel (its in the basement), I set up black construction paper on a wall and let her "water paint" with a brush. Water is also a great source of fun- put out a big bowl and just have your son float things, find kitchen stuff like funnels and cups so he can see how water moves through the items. Playgdough is also fun, simple puzzles, buy or make instruments and "play" to music. Playing catch. Never too early to learn how to draw with crayons simple things like circles, happy faces. Helping you bake or cook by putting stuff into bowls. Anyway...I could go on but I hope this helps. Have fun!



answers from Cincinnati on

CC village has wonderful ideas and songs for in home fun! it does cost money per month to be a member but I love it and use it often- also a great place to get cheap crafts is oriental



answers from Pittsburgh on

Does he go to a preschool or Mommy's Morning Out? I get my best ideas from my son's teachers there. It might be time for him to start going a couple mornings a week to something like that.

We also go to classes (gym, music, etc.) that give us different things to do. We also belong to our local museums and they often have classes/activities for a nominal fee. I try to look for ones that are taught by Early Childhood Specialists, but if the class is fun and stimulating, who really cares? Our library also has toddler story time.

In short, I guess I've found it easier at this age (when they can't really color a picture, our build much out of clay, etc.) to look outside the home for these kinds of projects.

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