Resistant Group B Strep

Updated on June 30, 2009
A.R. asks from Annapolis, MD
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I was just wondering if anyone has ever tested positive for group B strep urinary tract infection that wouldn't clear up with normal rounds of antibiotics. This is currently happening to me, and they started me on Macrobid (1 daily for the rest of my pregnancy). I was told it is not usually so resistent, so I'm curious whether anyone else has had this and how it was treated.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I had a resistant E. Coli infection and was also treated with macrobid, once daily. I have had chronic UTIs my whole life though and this antibiotic is especially good because it has a low rate of resistance and is safe in pregnancy and while breast feeding. The incidence of resistant infections is on the rise, especially if you have taken antibiotics in the recent past, so best thing to do is take the antibiotics since UTI can lead to premature deliveries (not to mention discomfort to you!). Try to keep clean/shower daily and urinate whenever you have to go. Drink lots of fluids and stay out of baby pools (where I got mine!!!). Good luck and hang in there!

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i had such a problem with tract infections all of my last pregnancy. i thought when you had GBS though, that you are a carrier of group b strep no matter what and during delivery you receive antibodies through an IV to prevent harm that GBS can cause to your baby. i was on antibodies for my tract infections the same as you are now, until i went into labor and i remember reading somewhere that GBS can contribute to the infections.
here's a website i just found that might help you.

i was so frustrated with my last pregnancy because i had all these problems. i feel for you.

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Most urniary are cause by bacteria and if you are always taking antibiotics that doesn't help. Our body will become immune to antibiotic that is suppose to clear up the problem in the first place. Good luck!


answers from Erie on

Hi A..

I tested positive for Group B Strep with both of my children. Both times, two different doctors, all that they did was put me on a drip antibiotic during labor. Both times worked wonderfully and never had a problem. I wasnt even aware that some docs will put you on an antibiotic for this just during pregnancy.

Good Luck, I hope everything turns out great.


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