Resigning My Position to Stay Home

Updated on July 13, 2007
C.G. asks from Colorado Springs, CO
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Hey Ladies!

I would like to get some advice on how to best resign from my job. As I come to the halfway point of my maternity leave I would like to know if I should tender my resignation now or wait until the end of my leave and simply give two weeks notice. I would like to know if any other moms have had to deal with this situation and how you all handled it. Thanks so much.

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answers from Denver on

If you are getting paid for your leave or if you have your insurance through your employer is how to answer this question. If your are on paid leave or if your insurance is through your employer I would wait until your leave is up. If neither one of these is an issue its completely up to you. Two weeks notice is the right thing to do.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I assume you aren't being paid while on maternity leave...if so, I think you should resign now. It will go much better for you and for the company. If you are under their health insurance plan, you can sign up for COBRA if necessary, and otherwise there aren't any real considerations besides your salary. But if you give notice right after returning from maternity leave, they may not give you a great recommendation down the road. If you give notice now, they will appreciate having more time to fill your position, and will understand better than if you wait to do it.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Hi C.~
I personally waited until the last week of my maternity leave to tell my boss I wasn't coming back. They weren't surprised at all. I wanted to get paid for my full maternity leave. To me, they already had someone doing my job, so it's not like I just didn't show up to work the next day and they were expecting me. They were all very supportive of my not returning. I still stop by once in a while and visit.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I was unsure if I wanted to be a SAHM (but was pretty sure I did) and I returned to work for four months before finally resigning. However, part of my decision to return to work was a company policy regarding paid leave (short-term disability) and insurance. My particular company had paid short-term disability for maternity leave and if you gave notice that you would not be returning to work, you were required to pay back that benefit in full. Also, you would be required to pay the company portion of your insurance premium for the time you were on leave (the company paid 75% which was a few hundred dollars a month). So it was to my financial benefit to return to work for at least a week. I had several friends who came back to work after having babies and immediately gave notice and were therefore not required to pay back any leave or insurance. Anyway, some people say that's taking advantage of the company, but I figured I'd earned it after working there for 10 years. So my advice is to make sure there aren't any financial issues you'll have to deal with if you resign now.

If there aren't any financial issues and you are 100% sure you want to be a SAHM, then I think it would be best if you called your employer and just let them know you don't plan on returning. I'm sure they'd rather fill your position now rather than later.

Good luck!

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