Residual Spinal Headaches and Pain

Updated on July 08, 2011
S.L. asks from Moab, UT
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I had a bad epidural this time around and I'm still having spinal headaches. I also have recently started to have some bruising pain at what I believe was one of the 3 injections sites (I had 2 blood patches). Not sure the pain is from the injections or just coinsidence.

How long did ur spinal headaches last (its been 6 weeks and I have seen a neurologist and he says there's nothing to be concerned w/)

Who would u call about the pain? OB?

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answers from St. Louis on

Ugh! That's no fun! I had a spinal headache for 5 days post delivery that never went away and it was unbearable. I went back to the hospital and the anesthesiologist performed a blood patch--took my blood and injected it into the epidural space that was caused by the tap that caused my headache. It got rid of it within a couple of hours. I see that the patches didn't work for you. I'm so sorry. I know those headaches are just terrible!! I called my OB. Maybe he can give you something?? Good luck!

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answers from St. Louis on

There are so many reasons why women need to see a good chiropractor after pregnancy. During pregnancy, ligaments soften to allow bones to adjust and adapt. During the 2 months following delivery, these ligaments are hardening. This is happening while the abdominal muscles give very little postural support for the spinal column. During this time, the spinal column is very vulnerable to settling into misalignment. This can cause problems for you the rest of you life. All the nerves of your body meet the spinal chord between the vertebrae. When the spine is misaligned, vital nerve conduction can be compromised. This can result in a huge variety of symptoms, but a very common one is chronic headaches.

This is also especially important for women who had chronic back problems before pregnancy. I had scoliosis before kids were commonly checked for such things. By the time I was 19, I not only had constant back pain, but also severe hip pain and malfunction. At 28 I had my son and saw a chiropractor regularly for a time following my son's birth. Because the ligaments had soften for the pregnancy, the doctor was able to adjust me like I was a young child again. My spine was straightened. The improvement was quite visible on x-rays. I am in my 50's and have enjoyed a very healthy back and have not suffered with the terrible pain I endured throughout my teens and most of my 20's.

This is something all women should know. For all the hype between different doctors complaining of the way some other doctors practrice - some natural, some homeopathic, some medical, some structural - the fact is each of them stay in business because something they are doing works. I see different doctors for different reasons. But, it only makes sense to first try the ones that use methods that do not require drugs and surgery first. If you need a medical doctor, a good chiropractor will refer you to one. The chiropractors I have seen have always referred us to a medical doctor when it was the best thing to do, even when he/she felt surgery was the best option.

It may be that you need something more than a chiropractor can offer, but it may be the simplest and best solution. If you do not like the twisting and popping of the manual adjustments, look for a chiropractor that uses the Pro Adjustor. It is a computerized device that gently taps the vertebrae into optimal alignment without all the contortions. I have experienced fantastic results from those adjustments!

Hope you find the best solution and are feeling much better very soon.

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answers from San Francisco on

Have you tried drinking Coke? That is the remedy for spinal headaches due to a spinal tap anyway; I assume it's the same for an epidural. I guess it's the caffeine that does it, so maybe coffee would work. Coke worked in my case.

Quick Google check confirms it:

Treatment of spinal headache : Pateints with spinal headaches prefer to remain lying flat in bed as this relieves the pain. They should be encouraged to drink freely or, if necessary, be given intravenous fluids to maintain adequate hydration. Simple analgesics such as paracetamol, aspirin or codeine may be helpful as may measures to increase intra-abdominal and hence epidural pressure such as lying prone. Caffeine containing drinks such as tea, coffee or Coca-Cola are often helpful. Prolonged or severe headaches may be treated with epidural blood patch performed by aseptically injecting 15-20ml of the pateint's own blood into the epidural space. This then clots and seals the hole and prevents further leakage of CSF.

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answers from Tampa on

My daughter will be 6 years old in Sept and I STILL get migraines from the epidural I had in 2005. It is a very painful and COMMON side effect that for most is permanent when you get spinal blocks or epidurals.

I started off with Fiorcet in the hospital to control head pain and worked up to a large dosage of Imitrex. I"ve been on Imitrex for 5 years.


answers from Tucson on

That sounds really strange. I had a spinal headache with my second baby. Worst headache ever! I'm sorry i hope you feel better soon. I had the headache after i got up in the morning after having my baby. They had me lay flat for 4 days. They also gave me an IV of caffiene. Then on the 5th day they realized what it was and i had the blood patch. Within an hour the headache was gone. My back hurt for weeks, probably 3. I laid on those ice packs they give you to stick in your panties after you deliver.



answers from Charlotte on


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