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Updated on September 04, 2008
C.J. asks from Sachse, TX
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I am having a garage sale next week and I am selling a lot of my daughter's clothes she has outgrown. I am selling things from newborn on up and she is now 6yrs. old, so there is a lot of stuff!!

As I am going through the things I am wondering if its better to sell them in the garage sell or take them to a children's resale shop like Once Upon a Child. I know they are pretty particular about the things they'll take, but she has a lot of really cute things that are still in good condition including A LOT of Gymboree things.

I've never done this before so I just wanted to know from some of you that have if it's worth it or if I can get just as much for it in the gargae sell.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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kid to kid or once upon a child are two good re-sale stores. Less work and I think more $ than a garage sales-- seems like people pay .50- $1 for clothes at garage sales... too much work.... just my opinion... good luck and happy selling....

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I've done garage sales, Once Upon A Child & Ebay and have been disappointed at the paltry amounts offered each time. I can't say which I had the most cash from, but the difference wasn't much. Ebay is a pain because of the listing process and the shipping; garage sales are a pain because it's hot, it's a lot of work & people try to steal or talk you down to 25 cents for just about everything.

It's easiest to go to Once Upon A Child, I think, just to be rid of them & not have piles of stuff to deal with. They give you the cash right then (again, not a huge amount) and will donate for you what they don't want to purchase. Done and done. :)

**I just reread your post and must have missed the first time around that you're already having a garage sale. Since you've already got one planned, I'd stash away the nicer things to sell at OUAC and put the rest out at the garage sale.**



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You will make the most money selling them on ebay. It does take alot of time to do it though. If you have Gymboree outfits that are in perfect condition you should definitely take the time to sell those. If there are any stains or tears or anything, garage sale those. If you haven't sold on ebay, go on there and do a search for items similar to yours, then look at the seller's completed listings. A seller that knows what they are doing will have more sold items than not, then just mirror your wording, types of measurements you need to include, etc according to what they did. I used to sell jeans on ebay that I bought at thrift stores. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions about it. I haven't sold anything in so long that my completed listings can't be viewed.




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I think Once Upon A Child is great if you want immediate cash. It's definitely going to get you more than a garage sale, and you are done when you walk out the door. Also consider that, depending on your family income, donating the clothes to Interfaith Housing, Salvation Army, or Goodwill can save you as much on your taxes as you would get from consignment, and WAY more than a garage sale. TurboTax now includes the It's Deductible software free, and they base their "value" off eBay. (Or at least they used to.) If you have the patience to do eBay, it will by far get you the most money. I give away all of our used clothing/household goods and save a couple of thousand dollars every year on taxes. It's hard to believe how much your stuff really is worth.


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You don't get a fair deal either way. It is SO frustrating. I hate garage sales because people want something for nothing. Namely, I advertised my daughter's gently worn Abercrombie jeans ($50 new) for $10 and I was offered $2 and less. Same with her other high end clothing.

About the 3rd person that wanted me to practically give them my clothes, I packed up the sale and locked my door.

When you go to the resales shops, you still don't get a great deal. EX: Plato's closet will offer about $6 for the jeans and sell them for $12.

I have attempted the EBAY route and might try that again. Craigslist is same as garage sale.

I have found it much better to donate and take the tax write off. Whomever gets her good clothes appreciates them and I come out better in the long run.

Remember that time = money and my time is more valuable to me than running a garage sale.



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I took things to a children's consignment shop once in my life & will never do it again! I literally cried every month when I received the minimal check for hardly worn smocked items & really expensive clothes! I've learned since then that eBay is the way to go for reselling kids clothes! ESPECIALLY gymbo!!! If nothing else, resell the gymbo items on eBay! Most of the time you can get ALL of your money back!! Doesn't matter how old the lines are, people love it & are willing to pay!



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If you have nice stuff you should consider a consignment sale like Just Between Friends. It is some work to tag your items, but you get a bigger return for your buck and the moms that go there will pay more than you will get from a garage sale or resale shop.

I had a garage sale in April and the most I got for anything was $3. But I took it cause I didn't want to mess with it any more.

Good luck!



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I've done them all and this has been my experience.

1. I have had the best success putting the name brand (Gap, Old Navy,Gymboree) in a LOT on EBAY. I usually put 15 or so outfits together, along with a few sets of PJ's, a few pairs of shoes, and several pair of socks so that the buyer ends up with a whole wardrobe for that size. Take lots of pictures and pay the few extra dollars to include all the pictures. I have noticed the more pictures I put of the items the more money I get in the end. Also I would probably only list your Fall/Winter things now and wait to do your Spring/Summer until March or April next year. In the last few weeks I have made upwards of $100 per Lot by doing just this.

2. I have done the Just Between Friends Sale and think it is the next best thing to Ebay. The one in McKinney is Sept 19th I believe. If you Google "Just Between Friends" you'll find all the info.

3. Kid to Kid consignments in my opinion are far better than Once Upon a Child. I felt I did not get much more from Once Upon a Child than I did at a garage sale.

4. I save my garage sale for cheap onesies, cheap sleepers, and things that I don't get offended by when they offer me a .25. I have had better luck grouping things at the garage sale too. Filling up a walmart size bag of onesies, baby towels and washcloths, shoes etc. and listing the entire bag for $4.00 or $5.00

Goood luck.

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