Resale Shops Are They Worth It?

Updated on April 03, 2012
D.D. asks from New Baltimore, MI
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I have some baby gear items I no longer use. Question is , would I get more money for them at a resale shop, a mom to mom sale or garage sale? Some of the items I still have the box, some I don't , and most of the items are in excellant condition - some have never even been used!!

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answers from Milwaukee on

I have had the best luck with smaller items/toys at rummage sales and larger items like highchairs/strollers/bassinets on Craigslist. Clothes don't do as well on Craigslist and don't make much money at rummage sales. They have to be in pristine condition and name brand (Gap etc) to get any resale value out of them. Otherwise mark them for a dollar each at a rummage sale.

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answers from Champaign on

I've sold some items on Craig's List: swings, bouncy seats, exersaucer, Dr. Brown's bottles.

Smaller items and things that just didn't sell I either gave to people with younger kids or donated. We have a crisis nursery in town. Other items to Good Will or Catholic Charities.

I think Craig's List would be your best bet. It's really just an on-line garage sale without the hassle of actually leaving your house unless you really think you want to buy it. I know lots of people have success with EBay, so that's another possibility.

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answers from Washington DC on


It all depends upon your area, really. In Northern Virginia and Washington, DC it would be a toss up - our consignment shops do great business, baby gear always sells at garage sales, ebay is world wide and craigslist is free and local.

If they are items that are New With Tags (NWT) I would sell them on ebay. Research what they are going for and do it that way. Yes, it would require you to ship them but the buyer pays for shipping. If you need help with ebay send me a PM. I'll do what I can. I've been buying and selling on ebay for 12 years.

The biggest factor is HOW MUCH TIME do YOU want to put into this? If you just want to hand them over to someone and let them do the work? Consignment shop.

If you don't mind waking up at 0600 and doing a garage sale - haggling with people - then garage sale.

If you don't mind taking a picture and waiting 1, 3 5 of 7 days for a listing to end? ebay. If you don't use a PO Box you can ship from your house via USPS. You can print postage from Paypal. Simple.

Think about the level of effort you want to put into this and go from there.

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answers from Chicago on

So far in my experience, handing these items down to friends/family has been better than resale shops. I have not had a difficult time finding someone who needed the item(s) I had. I have also donated items to shelters and good will/salvation army etc.

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answers from Atlanta on

Clothes sell for anywhere between 25 cents and 5 dollars apiece at yard-sales, so yard-sale vs. consignment shop depends on how upscale your neighborhood is vs. how generous your local consignment shop is. For toys and equipment, you will be able to charge more. Frankly, I would try a simple yard-sale (make sure you advertize for it on Craigs List - lots of people check there instead of the papers these days) and then consign anything you don't sell. Good luck.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

IF you can advertise it well, I'd say a garage sale is your best bet. It's the only option that gives YOU 100% of the sale price! Most re-sale shops will give you 40-50% of what THEY price it/sell it for.

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answers from New York on

Try Craigslist first for your big ticket/in box items. Then, if you don't sell them, try a consignment shop. Once Upon a Child is a nice place.

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answers from Detroit on

I sell the nice stuff on craigslist. it goes fast if you post it on a weekend. i usually meet the buyer at a fast food restaurant parking lot so that they don't come to my home.



answers from Detroit on

You'd most likely get more from a resale shop because they have something to gain by it if you do. garage/yard sales are a lot faster if things sell. You could try Craig's List and show a photo of what you have and price it as you want.



answers from Pittsburgh on

In order of best return, your best bet would be Craigslist, ebay if shippable, mom to mom sale (where you set your own prices), consignment, yard sale.



answers from Chicago on

I vote for craigslist or a mom-to-mom sale (like a used clothing and gear sale at a church or school, right?). Garage sales are a lot of work.

I sold a lot of nice clothes at an upscale resale shop. I was pretty happy with myself, because I got store credit. And then the resale shop closed down and I was out of luck with the store credit.



answers from Victoria on

The things still in the box I would take back to Walmart store if never been open. The other things I would sale on craigs list. In Texas we have to purchase a permit to hold a garage sale. Its under 30 dollars. But thats 30 out of your money. I sold most of my baby stuff at one garage sale. Other wise it was given away or handed down.


answers from Los Angeles on

You'll get the most from Craiglist. Children's resale shops give you pennies, as do garage sales.

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