Requesting Suggestions of TNT (Tried & True) Potty Training Books &/Or Methods

Updated on October 20, 2009
J.T. asks from Florissant, MO
6 answers

My son will be 2yrs old in two weeks. He is actually showing signs of interest in potty training. (saying "I poop" before pooping, wanting to mimic me when on the toilet, trying to take off diaper when it is wet, etc.) While I know he might not really be ready, I'd hate to miss the window if he was. So I want to learn of a good plan/system to try so I can see if he is ready. If he isn't, no big deal, I Can jusst try later but I will already have a plan. Also, I haven't bought a potty chair so any suggestions on that would be helpful. I know each kid is different, but learning each way would be helpful. While I have potty trained my daughter, she is 18yrs old so it has been a while.

Thank you in advance for any help ladies, I just love this group & wish I had it with my first!

J. Tobin

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answers from Wichita on

Afriend sent me the download for the 3-day potty training and its the same thing I used for my kids and it worked everytime. If you would like it you can email me and I will send it to you. J.


answers from Kansas City on

i'll tell you what we did, and i know each kiddo is different. from the time my son was almost two, we would try every few months. he had shown interest at different times, in different ways, and each time i hoped that he was ready, but he wasn't. earlier this summer i even put him in undies for several days, and after changing wets/dirties EVERY time, i gave up and tried to resign myself to "truly" waiting until he was ready. i don't really know how i "knew" he was ready, or if it was just a matter of trying that one last time and he actually was. i didn't do the undies all the time, or let him go really "first" start, i left him in a diaper and just started taking him every hour or two. i celebrated if his diaper was dry, but didn't say anything about it if it wasn't. he used the regular potty (although he is a large child, more the size of a 4 year old and this was when he was a couple months from being 3). what you use is totally up to what works best for your family. (but the added bonus of using the regular toilet is that all you do is flush!) this last time i started him, it was just a week or two, and he was wearing undies all the time with no accidents...that's how i knew he was really ready. he started telling me he had to go, again, within a week or so, and we went to undies during the day, and pullups at night and during naps. the sitter also helped, she took him regularly during the days too. once he started figuring it out, i started a sticker chart so that he could have that extra motivation to succeed. we only used that for a month or so...he had it down! he has been in undies all day and pullups for nighttime (not naps anymore) for a couple months now. he turned 3 on september 24th. so basically, it happened really quickly, but it was just a couple months before his 3rd birthday. i truly believe the key was waiting till he was ready...if i'm changing diapers, pullups, OR undies, and they're wet every time, then he is NOT ready.

anyway, this was our potty training experience. i don't think that forcing it really has many benefits...the less stress the better! good luck...!


answers from Kansas City on

those all sound like great signs to me! i would jump on it! first of all, talk to him about it so it isnt a complete surprise. go get some potty training books for kids that are fun! get him a small potty (or a ring to put on the big potty, both me and my daughter preferred that!)and encourage him to sit every time that you do. once he had used it a few times, then take away the diapers or put them OUTSIDE some underwear. the idea is to make him understand how uncomfortable it feels to have wet clothes. good luck!



answers from Kansas City on

He may not be to young my daughter was going poop at that age she did not like a potty chair I used one that fits on the toilet



answers from Kansas City on

I say if he is showing interest then work with him. He may not get potty trained right now, but work with him on how and what he needs to do. My daughter showed interest at 18 months, granted she didn't get fully potty trained until about 6 months or so later, but I worked with her when she showed interest and when she was ready to fully train, it was easy to make the transition. I can't remember the book we had the most luck with, but it had a button that made the flushing sound of the toilet. My daughter and my daycare kiddos all loved it. Also with a toilet seat I DO NOT recommend the fancy ones that make noise and have a face on them. My daughter just thought it was a toy and wouldn't go on it. I would say go with the toilet inserts and a step stool, that worked best with my daughter. Good luck!



answers from Kansas City on

I highly suggest My daughter was a very early potty-trainer (18 months) so it took an extra day with her but it was worth the end result; potty-trained both day and night. I've had several tell me they didn't believe that it would work at night but after 2 other girl-friends used the same program for their little boys they were convinced and they now recommend the same program. I've had several friends that have used pull-ups instead of going straight to underwear and they have been potty-training forever. This really works!!

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