Repair of Old Microwace Oven

Updated on February 21, 2012
J.P. asks from Reedley, CA
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I have a 30-year-old Sharp Carousel microwave which has worked like a charm all this time. Now the timer won't move. In a microwave of this age, the timer is a dial, not a series of buttons to indicate the time wanted. I use the oven easily using a separate timer. Other than this, the oven is just perfect, and I hate the thought of giving it up. Can the dial be removed and cleaned, as it may be diirty? Or do I have to buy a new oven? I can't imagine a new one would be as well built and last as long.

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answers from Austin on

Wow! We also have a Sharp Carousel that still works...... we don't use it, though, since we now have a built-in over the stove that works great, but we have that as a back-up (or in case one of the kids needs a microwave).

We got ours in 1982 as a wedding present from my in-laws....... All we've had to do is replace the mica "screen" over the microwave generator... that has gotten pretty nasty a few times.

But... unfortunately, it would cost more to have a professional clean/repair it than a new one would cost...... hubby says you should be able to pull the knob straight off and clean behind it..... most likely it is gunked up, but hopefully it isn't anything more than that.

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answers from St. Louis on

As hard as it is you may want to accept this oven has passed.

You can try to take it apart and clean it but to get a pro to clean it will cost far more than it is worth.

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answers from Modesto on

I'm sure that having someone repair it or buying a new part (if Sharp can still supply it after all th ese years!) would cost far more than a new microwave. I suggest living with it the way it is or giving it to an e-waste facility and getting a new one. Actually now that I think of it there may be a technology museum in Berkeley,CA who might be interested in in this. Seems to me I've seen exhibits with original PC's, original cell phones etc. Might be able to find something on the web about it.

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answers from Hartford on

That doesn't sound safe at all. Do you know how much safety protocols and technology have improved over the past 30 years?!?!? I don't think the one you have is as well built as you think it is. Microwaves aren't as expensive as they used to be, especially if you don't want something fancy.

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answers from St. Louis on

just thinking from a safety standpoint, please buy a new one!

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answers from Medford on

How nice that it lasted this long! But if you think about the safety measures in new ones, you might consider getting rid of the old one and buying a new up to date, (with popcorn button) microwave. Has the old one been taking up counter space you would like to use for something else? Maybe consider spending the money and having one put in over the oven as a microwave/hood. Sometimes we get so used to something weve had a long time we doint realize just how old, dirty, behind the times it is,,,,until we get a new one! But if you lived near my dad, hed probably take the dial off and fix it.

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answers from Minneapolis on

No microwave is safe after so many years...even ones that seem to work fine. They can get fine cracks and breaches you can't see and can be dangerous to use.

I'd just buy a new one and be sure to recycle the old one.

For more on the dangers of old microwaves see:

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