Repainting a Scooter

Updated on September 29, 2011
L.O. asks from North Platte, NE
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I thinking about getting my 5 yr old boy a 2 wheel scooter like the razor or something for Christmas this year. He currently has a Red Lightning McQueen 3 wheel scooter that his 3 yr old sister likes to ride around. I was thinking that if I got him one I could repaint his pink/purple or something girly and re gift it to his sister. But I've never repainted anything. Is it worth it to repaint, is it even possible? Your thoughts....

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answers from Washington DC on

AHHH I just lost my answer.

We repainted a scooter for my daughter. It is still glittery purple with Barbie and Princess stickers on it, 10 years later.

We used Rustoleum, prime it first, then use whatever color you think she would like. THere was a glitter purple way back when. Dont know if they still have it though.
There is a Rustoleum for metals

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answers from Denver on

In this situation, you will probably spend $20 in supplied and several hours in doing it right. By the time you are done, you could have bought a new pink scooter at Toy R S for $35. I say get a new one.



answers from Colorado Springs on

I'd say try it with the Rustoleum if you're really set on it, but it sounds like your daughter enjoys the scooter as is. Beisdes, I didn't realize Lightning McQueen was a boy only character! My daughter (5 1/2) has a red "boys" bike that she loves to ride and is quite proud of and it is named "Red Racer," by her when she got it a couple years ago. Let me add that my daughter is WAAAAY more girly than I could ever imagine being myself and absolutely loves anything pink, purple, princess or fairy themed, and with bling!
If you do want to buy a new one I'd go with looking for used first. Especially if you are buying one that she'll outgrow in a couple years.



answers from Missoula on

If you don't want to spend more money on a new one, look at thrift stores/consignment shops. They usually have them for next to nothing. My kids have yet to get a new bike or scooter since they are so much cheaper second hand.

If you daughter is already riding it the way it is, she probably doesn't mind using a boy toy.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I love repainting thins with spray paint. Get Ruston um for metals... Rough up the surface with sandpaper, prime with mettal primer, and have fun!
I do have to agree that sometimes it is cheaper to buy a new one. I bought a used swingset and repainted it with themethod stated above and it cost me $40 in paint. We have the only pink/purple/green swingset in the block!

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