Renting Children's Formal Wear

Updated on February 26, 2008
C.C. asks from Tampa, FL
6 answers

My five year old step-daughter is going to be the flower girl in my brother-in-law's wedding and I remember hearing about site where you can rent formal wear for kids but can no longer remember the name. I'm really hoping that they'll have something close if not identical to the dresses the bride has selected so far.
Failing that, does anyone have any ideas on how to politely tell the bride that $99 for a dress for anyone (especially someone who often grows what seems like an inch over night and has been known to use clothing as a napkin) just isn't in our budget?

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answers from Gainesville on


Costs about $20 but they include shipping both ways AND cleaning!!



answers from Orlando on

Hello C.,

I do not know what size your step-daughter is, but a friend of mine has a formal David's Bridal dress size 5/6 that her step-daughter wore once that she is willing to part with. It was a beautiful white dress with a red sash, slippers and a satin basket. The red sash comes off and can be replaced with another color sash that can be purchased at David's Bridal.

If you are interested, please let me know.

J. W.



answers from Tampa on

I don't know of a place to rent, but, you should try eBay. They seem to have a large selection of flower girl dresses for inexpensive money. I would just tell the bride that you feel $99 is too much to spend on a dress for someone your step-daughter's age and ask if she minds if you found a dress that was similar enough. I would just be honest with her. For a dress that she will more than likely never wear again, I agree with you 100%!



answers from Tampa on

Have you looked at Syms on Hillsborough & Himes? They are kind of like a Ross but very neat & organized and higher end clothing. They carry children's formal wear, including kids' suits/tuxedos & flower girl attire for great prices (maybe $40?) I'm just guessing at the price. Could be cheaper. I know the boy suits were under $50.



answers from Jacksonville on

Just an update, is going out of business. You can purchase dresses, outfits and accessories for pretty low prices right now.



answers from Orlando on

I hope I'm not sending you on a wild goose chase, but I saw in Parenting Magazine (pretty sure it was February's issue) of a place that you can rent for $15 and they'll send it to you. Try the Parenting website and do a search.

As far as letting your brother-in-law know that the dress is too expensive... I wouldn't go to the bride-- she has tunnel vision and wants a perfect dream wedding. Try talking to te groom. Come armed with options so he doesn't think you are just making excuses to wiggle out of her being in the wedding.

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