Rent a Rug Dr. Or...?

Updated on June 27, 2011
C.B. asks from Oskaloosa, KS
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how many of you moms have rented the rug dr's at grocery stores? are they worth it? (how much are they, anyway?) are they easy to use? we are considering buying a carpet shampooer which we have seen i think for around $200. we have a dog who "gets excited" so in the last year have given up on the little spot treater we have - we need something bigger. what do you suggest??

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answers from San Francisco on

I don't know about a lot of dog pee, but I've rented the rug dr.'s at the grocery store, and they worked fine. For dog pee, I would pre-treat with an enzyme product.

Unless you plan on shampooing often, I think renting will be fine.

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answers from Tucson on

I would just buy one They arent that much really. I had a bissell. I loved it

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answers from Tampa on

I have a Bissel (sp) and with two dogs I still have to call and get it professionally done. I use it to spot treat but the dogs are messing the carpet as fast as I can clean it. The little dog is the worst. The big dog is potty trained and will scratch at the door. I keep spot treating and then buy the chemical for dog oder and clean the carpets almost every other month. I would get hardwood if hubby would allow as my allergies are killing me. It would be good to have one on hand and maybe once a year hire Stanley Steamer or someone to do a good scrub/clean.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I like my Hoover Steam Vac and I was just told about the ProForce carpet shampoo that is sold at Sam's Club. Haven't tried it yet, but my friend's carpets look GREAT using it! Excited to try it next with our steam vac! :)

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answers from Denver on

If you know you'll use it, buy one. They cost about 39.99 to rent, plus the cost of the shampoo etc... so each time $50. Then you have to haul the thing back and forth, and they aren't always so clean... SO if it's not a one time thing, I'd buy one.

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answers from Jacksonville on

We have a Hoover steam vac. We really like it.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Buy O.. Then you can do it when you want and as often as you need to.

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answers from Chicago on

We bought a Bissell last year and have already gotten our money's worth. I never could stand the thought of renting one from the grocery or hardware store. People always rent those to clean up after their kids have been sick. I didn't want any remnants of that on my own carpet. We used to call Stanley Steemer, but at $100.00 or more a pop, it was more cost effective to get the Bissell.

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