Updated on May 23, 2011
B.S. asks from Arlington, TX
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Hello everyone I just lost my job two weeks ago and thought I would not need any help from anyonebecause I thought that I could hurry and go out and find another in time to at least pay something but it did not work out that way so here I am with an eviction and late fees and no where for me,my husband,7 yr old daughter to go who knows of any place to help me I am in fort worth texas?

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answers from Dallas on

call 211. It's a referal line for Texas. Tell them what you need help with - rent - food, utilities, etc and they can give you the numbers to agencies that provide that kind of help.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I'm sorry for you having these problems.

Most Americans are one or two paychecks from the street. The average 45 year old has less than $5000 saved for retirement.

I cannot tell you where to find a place to live or go in TX. I wish I could, but I would like to suggest a way to not find yourself in this situation in the future.

Live with in your means. Live on 90% of your takehome pay. Save the other 10%. When you have three months living expenses, open a savings account with a mutual fund that has a 5-star rating. A lot of these pay 10% or better. If you don't know what I'm talking about, subscribe to "Money" magazine. Read it from cover to cover every month. You will learn a lot. It will give you a basic financial education.

Good luck to you and yours.

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answers from Dallas on

contact Mission Arlington. They can help you and can direct you to other resources. I am so sorry you are going through this.

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answers from Appleton on

Salvation Army, Catholic Charitities. Contact Social Services or the United Way or both, they should have lists of places that help.
Are you getting unemployment?

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answers from Chicago on

In Chicago there is a homeless prevention program that will pay people the equivalent to 1 month's rent to prevent them from being evicted. People with children get priority. I would think that if you could qualify for something similar and give 1 month rent to your landlord, then find a job in the coming month, they would be willing to work with you. It's cheaper for the landlord to keep you in there (granted you start paying rent again) than for him to go through the eviction process and have to fix up the unit for another tenant.

Here's a link to the Homeless Prevention program in Texas:

Looks like your city is about 1.5-2 hours from Waco, Killeen and Ft. Worth in directions. You might actually have to use the agencies in one of those cities if your town doesn't offer any. Here are some email addresses to get you started - these are to the program contact people of the following agencies:

Catholic Charities of Ft. Worth - Lauren King, [email protected]
Families in Crisis, Inc. of Killeen - Suzanne Armour, [email protected]
Salvation Army-Waco - Russell Czajkowski, [email protected]
(found all of these on the website above)

I would meet with the landlord and show him/her that you know exactly how much $ you're on the hook for, and what your plan is to pay it down, by specifically citing which agency is going to help you, plan to find a job, and payment schedule. Be proactive, don't wait around for the situation to magically get better, because you're continuing to accrue late fees and eventually you guys won't have a home at all. Good luck, hang in there and take charge of this!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Can you get TANF? (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) Contact your local welfare/public aid office.
Try United Way for some guidance and direction.
Best of luck to you & your family!

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answers from Boston on

When you lost your job did you let your landlord know? Most people are very understandable and would give you an extension until unemployment kicks in. My landlord allowed me to go 1.5 months (I was on maternity and had to wait for the company to process everything) and instead of paying double rent that month he added $50 to my monthly rent until that missed month was paid.
Google assistance programs for your area I'm sure you'll find plenty of places to get help.

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answers from Dallas on

I'm so sorry! How long until you have to be out? Are you able to rent a much less expensive place off of your husband's income? Watching someone's kids would be a good income. You can charge $35 a day (or thereabouts) per kids, and many people like home babysitters instead of daycare. My neighbor had to do that. But, she wasn't evicted yet, so I know that must complicate things...just trying to think of something you could do.

I'm sorry I have no help for you. My heart goes out to you for your situation! Normally I'm not into going into debt, but can you use a credit card to pay for your rent, and then put an ad in the paper to watch kids? Maybe get 2-3 little kids to watch so you can have $35 a day per child?



answers from Washington DC on

check with your local united way or salvation army or someplace like that. Helping folx is what they do. If they can't directly help, they'll know who can.

Good luck.



answers from Philadelphia on

Try your local social services and you local church. Normally,it is a one time only thing. Good luck to you and your family.


answers from Modesto on

I'm not sure how the texas evicitions work, but in CA you have a few days, usually about 7 to 10 before the cops come and change your locks. Use this time wisely by contacting social services, they should be able to steer you. they actually may have helped you pay your rent if you would have talked them before it got this late in the game.....

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