Removing? "Sand Paint"

Updated on February 18, 2009
D.H. asks from Olathe, KS
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Several years ago my early teen boy and I painted his bedroom. We chose to do a chair rail of "sand paint". This is paint that has sand in it for texture. Now we would like to redo it but what about that bottom half of the room? Can I remove that texture? How? Can I use it to my advantage? Any suggestions?
Thanks! D.

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answers from Kansas City on

You know we had this type of paint in our office before it became our sons room. We just painted over it and it was fine but it was on the entire wall not just part of it. The only thing you might need to do it sand the line that separates the sand paint from the flat paint.

Good luck!

Also, just want to say thank you to your family for your husbands service!

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answers from Wichita on

Good Morning D., First give your Hubby our Heartfelt THANKS for serving our Wonderful Country through his Service in our Military. God bless you D. for keeping the Home fires going.

I would lightly sand the edges so there wouldn't be that big of a separation between the two area's on the wall. Or sand the whole wall if you want it removed. I would just paint over it and leave the texture as is. Makes for a very interesting pattern. Question What happens if you wash the sanded part? Do the sand particle stay put or do they come off?

God Bless your Entire family, Our prayers are with you for your hubby to return safe and sound Very soon.
K. Nana of 5

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answers from Lawrence on
Check out the above link for information on how to remove that sand paint. It's got some great info. I think a metal like scrubby does the best with no toxic smell or mess. Good luck!



answers from St. Louis on

My husband is a carpenter and he says you have to scrape the texture off with a drywall knife/scraper and then "float" the walls with drywall mud.

You could paint the bottom half of the wall with a magnet paint or chalkboard paint, and the texture could be a part of it.

You could adhere "cork" to the bottom half and make it a corkboard.

Paint it the same as the wall color, but put an actual piece of trim above the textured area to create a visual separation.

Good Luck! Can't wait to read what others suggest!



answers from St. Louis on

Oh, man...we just went through this. The previous owners had used this texture throughout the house. We initially tried sanding it, but it didn't work. We ended up covering the entire surface with a thin coat of drywall mud. Then we had to sand down the surface, prime it, and paint. It took FOREVER, but we are so pleased with the difference. Our walls are smooth now and it was well worth the effort.



answers from Columbia on

The easiet would be to paint over it and use it in the new decor. Texture is always something to use in rooms anyways. It will become more subdued under more paint though.



answers from Springfield on

Floating is thinning the mud with water and putting a very light coat on it, then blending it outward. (The idea is to put so little on that you don't have to sand...)



answers from Kansas City on

My experience in paint, first of all, take a sanding block it is light brown. Square. Home depot and Lowes carries these in the painting department. Lightly sand the chair rail and the wall. dust off the sanded paint then clean the wall with Mr, clean sponge After that you need to buy a small can of plaster for the drywall. You have to lightly coat the wall not the trim, using a small troel. When the wall has dried sand it down, just don't make any fuzzys on the drywall, After the plaster and the wall is clean and dusted off, you need to use a primer use one coat on the wall and chair rail, you should just be able to sand off the chair rail. After the primer dries, make sure the wall feels smooth, if you need to sand just use the same steps, the most imortant thing is to keep the dust off the wall. Then add the paint you would like to use.
Hope this help and you understand, the painters Lowes or Home Depot, could help answer your questions



answers from St. Louis on

sand paper. or just paint over it.



answers from Kansas City on

Hi D.. My husband paints and does wallpaper. He said to use a wide putty knife and scrape the sand off and then sand the entire wall. I hope this helps. Thanks.

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