Removal of Braces

Updated on August 04, 2009
P.R. asks from Pine Grove, PA
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I'm finally getting my braces removed in two days. I'm eerie on the amount of pain I'm going to endure. I had one brace removed in order to spring my other teeth into place almost a year ago and I remember how much it hurt. Since I have the porcelain braces, I know it's not going to be a simple "pop" and off deal and the dremmel like tool was a torcher device last time. Anyways long story short. I'm not good with dealing with pain. Does anyone know of a solvent or solution that I can put on my braces and brackets that will either A) make the process less painful or B) loosen the bonding adhesive?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all your advice and support. I took two extra strength tylenol about 30 minutes before my appointment. The removal of the brackets wasn't as bad as I anticipated. There were like four teeth that felt like they were being ripped out. The dremmel like tool was a different story but that was mostly due to the cold air being blown on my teeth. I put some extra strength orajel on and the pain was tolerable. Now I have my smile back, wire free!

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Ask for some kind of sedation. they could just give you something to relax you a little so you won't be so anxious about the pain. I don't know of anything you can do to help the removal process but there are things you can do for your nerves.



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I think you should call your orthodontist and express your fears. They may be able to recommend something.

Also -- take some motrin before you go. This always helped me in my braces days. Plus... just concentrate on how wonderful it will be once they are off, it really shouldn't take too long, and you'll have beautiful, straight teeth.


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I had the most humungous train track braces years ago. They were an actual rings around each tooth and almost covering them entirely. They hurt while getting them put on and getting tightened but the didi not hurt coming off.

Not too sure if it will be the same for you since yours are different but I don't think you ought to mess around with any kind of solvents. The orthodontist will do his best to get them off easy. Don't quote me on this but if I remember correctly and its been a while) he will use some type of solvent that will loosen the glue/cement (whatever the heck it is).

Either way , you should not have much to fear. Be excited for your new smile.
I will say that your teeth will feel so smooth for days once they are off.



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See if you can take a valium or some type of drug that is good for anxiety. talk to the dentist about this and may be he would prescibe some valium for you. make suer you have someone to drive you since you do not know how you will react with a different type of drug in your body. I wish you luck and i am sure your results will be worth it.


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Hi P., I don't know of anything safe that you could possiably used to loosen your braces. I had the old fashioned band braces and all I felt was pulling when they were removed and my youngest had braces a couple of years ago and she was a little sore after they were taken out, but she wasn't "in pain". You could "pre medicate" yourself with some advil before your appointment to help ease any discomfort you may have...advil is great for mouth pain. Make sure you talk to your orthodontist...if you are that uncomfortable he/she could help with that. Good luck and best wishes.



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While I did have braces when I was younger and they weren't the type that you have. I'm not sure a solvent is something you should wish to have as it may damage the enamel on your teeth. I'm sure that for removing all of your braces, the dentist may use a different technique. The key is try to relax when they remove the brackets because if you tense up it will only hurt worse.



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Hi P.! Congrats on getting your braces off! I bet you are super excited. I actually worked in an Orthodontic Office for a while before I decided to stay home full time with my daughter. But I was an assistant... and part of my job was removing braces from patients. Each Orthodontist uses different style of braces, and different adhesives, and different removing methods, so what I suggest may be different that your particular office would want.

The Doctor in our practice always recommended taking Tylenol primarily, and then Advil if Tylenol doesn't really work for your Orthodontic associated pain. However we did have a few adult patients over the years who expressed a great deal of anxiety... my mother included. Our Orthodontist particularly could not write prescriptions himself... however if you call him or her and ask... they may recommend asking your Dentist who would be able to prescribe a small prescription for your anxiety. It's just a thought.

I had the clear braces about 4 or 5 years ago. It wasn't so bad for me, but I also was used to doing it every single day, so I was more prepared. We used a brace remover and they literally just popped and snapped right off for us in most cases. One or two of mine, the bonding did not break... so we used the high speed hand piece and just ground it down. We use the hand piece to smooth over the teeth at the end anyway to remove any left over adhesive. And it is really simple to see where the adhesive is and where the tooth enamel is... so please don't be worried about your actual tooth getting ground away!

It does sound loud, but it really doesn't hurt. The worst part for me was that my teeth were sensitive to cold. And the hand piece created a slight breeze effect in my mouth, so I would ask them to do a little and then give me a break to recover. That was it. And it was really quick, even with my clear, more difficult braces! I think you can do this! BUT, if you just want to be on the safe side... just call them and ask and maybe they will call your Dentist for you directly then or tell you to go ahead and call them yourself. I wish you luck and enjoy that beautiful new smile of yours! It will all be worth it, I promise!



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I agree with taking something before and after. I gave my daughter tylenol, but i know for us adults that sometimes does not work. Maybe your general doctor can give you a small dose of adavan (sp?). For my brain scan my doctor will perscribe me 2 low dose pills. It does help to relieve the anxiety. Best wishes :)

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