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Updated on October 25, 2010
S.H. asks from Harvest, AL
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I've recently had to start taking a couple medicines daily. One in the morning, the other at night. I usually have hard time remembering to take medicines for longer than a couple weeks! lol But I have to keep taking these for a while.

How do you help yourself remember your medicines? What do you do to make sure you always have them with you so that you can take them? (Like being away from home overnight)

I do not carry a purse, and do not intend to. I tried before & I would forget the purse :) So, things I always have with me: my cell phone, a wallet I put in my back pants pocket, and my chap stick I put in my front pocket. No place for pills :)

For now I have the medicines on my computer desk. I've been good at taking them so far, and I have set two separate alarms on my cell phone - one for each medicine set for morning & night. But, if I'm going to be out all day or overnight, I want to be sure I have both meds with me & not lose them!!

One medicine is a prescription, so do I always have to keep it in the prescription bottle when away from home? (only have one bottle right now). The other is just an iron supplement - which is individually packaged in those blister packaging.

Any tips? Any handy case or something that would be helpful? I've never really been much of a regular medicine taker lol But I want to do better so I can stay healthy!!


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So What Happened?

Thanks for the suggestion Lauren T.!! That sounds like a perfect idea. I didn't even know those existed! haha I do always have my keys with me! I keep them on one of those carabiner clips :)

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answers from Kansas City on

How about a pill case to carry in your pocket? Like one of these: or Here are some nice ones: Here are some cheap ones for keychains: or or

Edit: I REALLY like Abbie H's idea!! I have seen the tiny Altoids mint tins at the checkout. This is the best deal, since it would be free!

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answers from Fort Smith on

I've done this, too. I take med. for my thyroid, and if I miss days my memory gets bad, not a good thing to have happen. One good suggestion that my dr. gave me was to keep the bottle in the bathroom right by my tooth brush so when I brush my teeth it will be right there. Since you don't carry a purse and don't want to take the bottle with you, You can get small pill containers that will fit in your pocket or what my mom carries is one that is a key chain. Hope this helps.

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answers from San Francisco on

my hubby uses small pocket sized boxes to carry his pills - Try the candy area in the check stand at the supermarket. There are usually mints that come in boxes that are great for this purpose.

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answers from Portland on

You don't have to have prescription medicine in the original bottle. Use a small case instead. I use small, approximately 1 1/2" square, plastic zip lock bag that I've found on the display board near the pharmacy featuring many containers to carry meds.

The reason to carry meds in the original container is related to needing to identify the medication when you go thru airline security check lines or if you're likely to be stopped by the police who have reason to search you because of suspicion that you're under the influence of a drug or narcotic or that you've stolen something. I venture to say that's not likely in your case. chuckle

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answers from Topeka on

Lauren is right....go to your pharmacy and look at the "stuff" that they usually have displayed nearby. If you need to ask for help...ask for a keychain bottle that heart patients use for their nitro tablets...that is what you are looking for. We sell them at the pharmacy that I work at...they come in plastic or metal and are usually less than $5

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answers from Dallas on

Set it as a daily reminder in your cell phone's calander. With all we do in a day, it can be really hard to rely on our memory alone. Works for me... :)

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answers from New Orleans on

Every morning I always put on my makeup. (Don't go anywhere without at least a little :-) I put the medications that I take in the morning in my makeup bag so that when I do my normal morning routine it is always there. As long as I have a normal day I never forget.

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