Remedies That Worked for Your Child, to Stop Vomiting/not Keeping Anything Down?

Updated on November 14, 2007
M.P. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hello again,

Good thing we don't have to pay for this! As much as I use it.
My son missed all last week of school due to temperature, and a cold. Then last night 10:00 he's throwing up. So he didn't go to school today either. Now that's six days missed. And he still throwing up today. He won't keep anything down. Not water, gingerale, dry toast. Nothing. Over friday and the weekend he was better, eating, normal. Then bam!, throwing up????????

I was just wondering if anyone knows of something, I don't know. Anything that works for you in this type of situation. That might help me get my son better faster and back in school. Previously when he's thrown up like this he's eating by now.

A head cold and stomach bug were going around his school, before he got sick. Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

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Poor guy and poor momma! Stomach flu made its way through our day care recently. This strain seemed to stick around for over a week!!! You think they are better, but then it comes back... it is stubborn! I got it too, but had only body aches on and off for over a week. I find it reassuring to speak to my doctor too, just to be sure. Hang in there...

We did pedialyte/gatorade, toast, bananas, soups, applesauce too... AVOID MILK!!!!



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I think it is important that you start out slowly, so literally giving your son sips of pedialyte or gatorade every half an hour and then if he keeps it down going to every 15 mintues and so on. Once he can keep bits of liquid down then offer more, but if he vomits again you have to start over. This is how I have gotten my daughters stomach settled. Good Luck!



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Give bananas a try. They are really easy to digest, and full of vitamins.

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!



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I've given my daughter popcicles or pedialyte popcicles when she won't take anything else. Generally bland is better. The bug just has to run it's course. You can't do much but wait it out and try to keep him hydrated.
My doctor always recommends that I come in for illness longer than 7 days but usually when I do that they tell me it's most likely one virus on top of another which sounds like it could be the case for your child.
Good luck. I hope he's back to school soon!



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Try the BRAT diet...bananas, rice, applesauce, & toast. Hope this helps!

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