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Updated on November 01, 2009
J.S. asks from Knoxville, TN
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Hi Moms,

Me and my family was thinking of relocating to Murfreesboro or Franklin. I hear that it's near Nashville. Can anyone tell me more about what they love about living here? Or what they hate about living here? I have a 3 year old and a soon to be 2 year old. I hope to be able to stay home with them until Kindergarten time. How are the quality of schools there? And crime? We'll be coming from Florida and we are just so ready to move out of this state!


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answers from Nashville on

Hi J. we moved here 21 years ago and still love it! My boys were 12 and 9 we wanted them to grow up not in a big city.The schools are some of the best!We live just a little out of Murfreesboro my husband is a Realtor with Bob Parks Realty he would love to find you a home he works Murfreesboro and middle TN. Email him or call ###-###-####
[email protected] his name is Benny Pulley i think you will love Murfreesboro! V.



answers from Nashville on

I have lived in both towns. Franklin is smaller and has more money. It is a nice town and does have a huge mall. It is pricey so check out the price of homes. M'boro is a larger town with a small town feel. My husband and I both went to college here and love it. There is more crime all the time as is everywhere. M'boro has many new neighborhoods and is growing rapidly. We also have a new outdoor mall called The Ave. We have tons of restaurants and more keep coming b/c of how fast it is growing. M'boro has more to do in general but Franklin is not lacking. They both have things for kids to do. If you can afford Franklin, consider Brentwood right up the road. It is even smaller and has even more money, town is really pretty. Small and not much to do though. Both towns have really good schools. Rutherford County (M'boro) has some top schools and also has Magnet schools and several private that are affordable. You can look online at the grades each school is given. Franklin is Williamson County and has top schools as well. I think Rutherford and Williamson County have the top schools in TN. so both are good choices. Franklin has the top private schools over M'boro but are very pricey. M'boro is a college town but is so big now that unless you are near or around the college, you don't really run into the student life. Personally, Franklin is prettier to me but M'boro is more full of life.

Great choices, don't think you can go wrong. You could consider getting an apt for 6 mos to see which you prefer or ask at your husband's job what they think. both are close to downtown, one is off 24 and Franklin is off 65. About the same distance.

Good luck!



answers from Nashville on

I have lived in Murfreesboro all my life and can not imagine living anywhere else. For me Murfreesboro is the perfect size. It's not too big but it's not too small either. We are about 30 to 45 minutes from Nashville depending on traffic. Our schools met almost all national standards for No Child Left Behind in 2008. Our attendance rates and graduation rates are in the upper 80%. If you have specific questions about Murfreesboro, feel free to send me a message.



answers from Nashville on

hello J.,

Welcome to TN!!! My husband and I are from Miami and moved to Gallatin/Murfreesboro in 04. Moving out of there was the best thing for us. You will adjust well. There are so many things to do here with your children. It is a family state. There are just too many things to mention here. If you are outside people, friendly people, and open to a change from Florida then this is the place. Do not get me wrong we miss the beach, sometimes the weather, the keys, and the everglades but we would never move back. It was hard to adjust to the change of weather, and the openess of people but it has been great. The only bad thing is keeping yourself and your children busy during the winter months. If you ever want to get together our just talk email anytime. We have a three year old girl and eleven year old boy.

Good Luck,

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