Relocating to San Diego...searching for Pediatrician and Family Physician

Updated on May 30, 2009
K.K. asks from Carlsbad, CA
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We are getting ready to relocate to San Diego (Del Mar area,) and I have no clue where to begin looking for doctors/dentists for my family. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!

Also, any advice about family friendly neighborhoods would be very helpful. My husband will be working in Del Mar. We have heard Poway, Rancho Bernardo, and Carlsbad are nice.


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La Costa Pediatrics is wonderful! We love Drs. Warner and Hitchcock, esp. Depending on which side of Del Mar you settle, La Jolla Pediatrics may be closer. We can't say enough good things about this incredible office.



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Scripps Clinic pediatrics Carmal Valley (very close to Del Mar)is great. We see Dr. Shaw. She is very kind and gentle with the children. Very bright as well.

If you need a great ped dentist we use Dixon Dental. We see Dr. Eric, but his wife I hear is great as well. His father is also in the same practise as well.

We live in Scripps Ranch and love it. We are in the Stonebride Estates, whci is new, and although in S.D. we use Poway schools. 4S Ranch is very nice as well and has new schools (Poway school district). Also, the Del Sur area is beautiful and idealy located.

Good luck with your move and welcome to San Diego!



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El Camino Pediatrics is a great practice. They are in Encinitas. My girls are 3 & 6 and have been going their from the beginning. If you take them in sick, the doctor will call the next day to follow up on them. I've always been made at ease because of them. Also, we have seen by pretty much all the doctors. They are all GREAT! You do choose one as a primary one, but when they are sick you may get whomever is there working. So, it is all good!

We moved from Michigan and ended up in Carlsbad nine years ago. I can tell you that we love it here. It is definitely family oriented. The schools are great and I wouldn't trade it for the world! Our 6 year old goes to Aviara Oaks Elementary and we live in the Shorepointe community off of Aviara. Very nice area to raise a family. Our school does tons of fund raisers and they really haven't been hit hard because we have a lot of great parents that really do their part. Many schools loose out but we have maintained whatever we need or the teachers need. You really cannot go wrong with anywhere along the coast. Good luck! You will really enjoy it here!



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Hi, We go to a really good dentist in Rancho Bernardo. His name is Dr. Sam Parsi. He is also great with kids. His office is also easy to get to.
The number is ###-###-####. Ask for Carol and tell her you found them thru Mamasource. Ask her for a blue card for the first consult visit to be free. You'll like it there. D. G



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I live in Poway...LOVE IT! Poway Unified School District is the best in San Diego County. Here is the link to the PUSD map so you can see which areas are in it.

All of the areas are pretty nice and safe. Poway is the older of the cities/areas, so there are some older areas mixed in with a few newer areas.

We actually live in an older area off of Pomerado and Twin Peaks, but our section of the block is very nice and family oriented. The other areas on the map are relatively new compared to most of Poway.

We are 30 minutes away from all of San Diego's main attractions...beaches, amusement parks, downtown SD, and all of the colleges. It takes me 20 minutes from my doorstep to Del Mar beach.

I know that Poway is very family oriented and we have lots of nice parks and other open spaces for kids to play. And we have a handful of indoor areas as well.

Dr. Kuangkai Tai is our pediatrician. He is very calm and my kids like him a lot. When I first moved here I asked just about every Mom that I saw at the park who they recommended, and many of them recommended him. He is located on Pomerado Rd. just south of Pomerado Hospital.

I see Dr. Karen Kohatsu for OBGYN. She and Dr. Helen Chang were recommended to me. But I prefer Dr. Kohatsu. She is just a few minutes from Pomerado Hospital on West Bernardo Rd.

We go to Bella Facia Dental Spa in Poway. It's also just a couple of blocks south of Pomerado Hospital.

My kids go to ABC Children's Dentistry in Rancho Penasquitos. It's on Poway Rd just West of I 15 freeway.

Our Family Practitioner is Dr Carol Cornelius with Centre for Healthcare which is located directly behind Pomerado Hospital. And if you plan to have a baby, I HIGHLY recommend Pomerado Hospital. I stayed there on and off for about a month before my daughter was born. It was like staying at a hotel! Private room, Cable TV, DVD player, jacuzzi tub, you can choose your own meals, a lady comes by twice a day with a snack and drink cart, microwave and fridge in room. Not to mention all the nurses were wonderful! And the lactation consultants came to help me out everyday after my baby was born. And they called me everyday for a week after I went home to see how I was doing. And they have a free lactation support group. Oh the list of wonderful things about that hospital goes on and on! Thank goodness we just live down the street from it!

Another good thing about living in Poway/Rancho Bernardo is that everything is so convenient! We have all the major grocery stores and most retail stores and restaurants so close that you don't even have to get on the freeway. And we have a huge mall just a few miles north in Escondido.

Other good areas are:
San Marcos
Scripps Ranch

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