Relocating to RDU - Need Suggestions on Good Areas, Dr's, Childcare, Etc...

Updated on February 28, 2009
D.C. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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Hi moms!

We are relocating to the RDU area in a month or so to be near my husband's family. His parents live in Oxford, his extended family lives in Durham and Wake Forest. I am a West Coast girl, and not familiar with the area except for the few times we have visited. I would like to make sure that we find an area that is affordable, yet family friendly (we have 2 small boys - ages 2 and 1). Since my husband was in a different frame of mind when he last lived in the area (single male...) - he's not much help when it comes to this.

I would love suggestions on good areas to live (family friendly), pediatricians, childcare... I am a teacher and work full time - so I am also looking for a new job (though this time of year will be difficult). I would love to find a childcare center that also has a kindergarten program so I could teach and my boys could attend the daycare/preschool program.

Any suggestions you have are GREATLY appreciated!

- D.

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answers from Raleigh on

I would look in the Apex/ Cary area. It is an established, family friendly area, full of restaurants, stores, daycares, schools. Has a good hospital with a good rep. I love going there to shop. I have a friend, whose daughter moved here from Charlotte with 2 girls, they bought a very nice townhome, in a nice community, and she takes them to lessons all of the time, which seem close by. She loves the school they attend. It is an open market for housing right now. Good luck.



answers from Raleigh on

Hi D., although I'm biased towards the N. Raleigh area (27613, 27615 and surrounding zips), Cary is a nice area too. They have different personalities which you'll see if you shop the real estate markets. N. Raleigh has good schools, is very nice and family friendly. Cary and Apex (as well as Morrisville) seem to have more transitional families due to RTP, but that's just my perception. Most is very new in the Cary/Apex/Mor. areas compared with older and more established in N. Raleigh. I guess it all depends on where your husband will be working to cut down on the commute. Can't really focus on best schools, n-hoods, etc until you settle on an area. You will get much better prices on housing in surrounding areas like Garner, Zebulon, Knightdale, Youngsville, Clayton, etc., they are more rural and farther away from the main areas. If I had to think of the most family friendly neighborhood in N. Raleigh, it would be Bedford on Falls of Neuse Rd. It is quite amazing for families with young kids, and the area and schools are excellent. I think it has some affordable options (especially right now with this real estate economy). The pool and playgrounds are simply amazing and the homeowner's dues are reasonable. Good luck with your search...



answers from Raleigh on

Hi D.,

I too am a west coast girl. ( Santa Barbara) We moved here 5 years ago and we're loving it.The suggestions you're looking for will determine where you and/or your husband will be working. From personal experience I'll tell you that I Love N. Raleigh... My husband works in Durham and it's a 20 min. commute for him. Be live in the Bedford community right off of Falls of Neuse. This place has so much to offer. Tennis, basketball,swimming pool, kiddie pool, 3 playgrounds and miles and miles of sidewalk. There are special events at the 3500 sq. ft. clubhouse, Karaoke night, ice cream socials for the kids, bunko for the ladies,valentines dinners, new years party etc... We also have a large green area where the community easter egg hunt takes place ( not one of our favorites, too crowded and ends too fast) movie night's on the green, concerts, festivals etc.

Two of my kids are in elementary school (k & 1st) They attend Brassfield Road Elementary and really enjoy it. It's 8 min. drive . There are also Wakefield Elementary, Wakefield Middle and Wakefield High about 5 min away.
Bedford also just opened up a daycare center and there's another one opening in March (Kiddie Academy I think).there will also be a Gym, cafe & some other shops. Great doctors, dentists, grocery all a few minutes away. Boy I'm really selling it huh? The truth is that the first year we moved here I hated everything and just wanted to go home. I used to tell my husband (when I was angry) that I was going to move back to our home there and he could come visit whenever he could :) As you can see I've adjusted. I have a great realtor who put up with us and found us this house.Feel free to get in touch with me if you need any more detail.

Deb S
Full time stay at home mom of 2 boys & 1 girl



answers from Raleigh on

The website is a neat tool for checking out different areas/neighborhoods within a city. is also a good resource for listings of schools, summer camps, family-friendly restaurants, etc. The publication itself is free and you can find it all over the Triangle. Hope those help out a bit. Good luck with the move!



answers from Raleigh on

Hello D.,

Welcome to the area! I live in Raleigh, so my suggestion involves a pediatrician and pre-school in Raleigh. My children have seen the doctors at White Oak Pediatrics since birth. Their offices are located in an office building adjacent to Rex Hospital. All of the doctors are very good, but we are particularly fond of Dr. Kelly. She relates to my children in a very maternal way and she is always very patient and understanding about my questions and concerns. My children actually LIKE going to see the doctor. When they start to feel bad they will say, "Mommy, can you take me to see Dr. Kelly?"

As for a pre-school, you may want to check into White Memorial Presbyterian Church. They do have a kindergarten program and I know they are going through some shifts in staff this year because they lost both Kindergarten teachers last year (one retired and one moved out of state). The director is retiring this year after running the school for 20+ years. It is a really sweet school. The kindergarten is a half-day program, so if you want a full-day it won't be the right option for you.

Good luck!


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