Relocating to Henderson NV Need Moving Company..

Updated on March 22, 2007
T.T. asks from Henderson, NV
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My family and I are relocating to Henderson Nevada from Michigan. We have been searching for a moving company and have not found a reputable company. Does anyone have any suggestions or tips on how to choose a company. i would rather go with a company that someone has tried before. I have heard so many horror stories and I just want to make an informed decission before I let a complete stranger take all my belonging across the country.

Any suggestions for housing we would like to rent a house in henderson for the 1 st year to make sure my family and I will be happy in the neighborhood that we choose.

Thank you,

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answers from Las Vegas on

I live in Summerlin which is in Las Vegas. We lived in Henderson before we moved to Summerlin. I have really loved Summerlin. The community is great. Henderson is also nice. I think the best place to live in Henderson would be Green Valley Ranch, or up in Anthem. The elementery school that the kids in Anthem are zoned for is supposed to be one of the very best. I think the name of it is Lancaster (I would not swear on the name). Anywhere close to the District is probably a nice place to live. I would probably stay away from the mall area and Siverado Ranch. Silverado Ranch tends to be very congested and not planned as well. We have love Las Vegas! I would highly recomend finding a house with a pool because it is blazing hot here. There are great community centers in Henderson. They offer tons of activities at great prices and have a great pool for toddlers. I do not know of any moveing companies. Pods always seemed like a good way to move to me. I hope this helped and that you love Las Vegas!!!



answers from Las Vegas on

When I moved here from so cal i used Paul Arpin. they are wonderful and very caring, took great care of all our belongings and went the extra mile for us to meet our needs. They should have a website. good Luck!



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The BEST moving Company in town Is Warren Homework, My parents moved after 36 years in the same house. They were so good, they take down and set up and NOT one thing was broken!! Here is the web-sit and the phone number is ###-###-####, at lewast call for a quote. GOOD LUCK on the move and WELCOME to Vegas.




answers from Las Vegas on

Hi T.,

We moved here June of 2005 and will find out what moving companies my husband's company recommends. They have relocated many employees from various parts of the country to Las Vegas. Also, our neighbors are originally from Michigan and they may have some recommendations. I'll get back to you later today.



answers from Grand Rapids on

I am also a transplant from MI. We moved about a year ago. We chose not to use a moving company because it can take as long a two weeks to receive your shipment. We rented a truck and drove it out ourselves. It took about 3 days. But we didn't have to bring our daughter with us and we had friends help us move. If you do choose to go that route, don't stay at Sunset Station when you get to town. Moving trucks that are parked there have been stolen. What part of MI are you from? I am from Grand Rapids.

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